Friday, April 23, 2010

choc cuppies for my niece & BCT for Balqis

BCT for Balqis who came back from KL, to spend a few days with her mum before leaving back to KL and within that short stay at home, she remembered my BCT, terharu rasa...thank you for thinking of my BCT....and take good care of yourself dear..
this set is for my niece, she and her friends were on a study trip and I only managed to see her just for a brisk moment. thot I'd give her these chco cuppies to share with her friends on the bus going back to UUM where they stayed the nite before leaving for Shah Alam the next day.

Sempat juga she left me a heart-warming message :
"Cik Jue, thank u so muchh for d cute little cupcakes smua kawan2 tek bgtau sedap kek tue, kejap je dah habis.thank u cik jue"

fancy some chocolate chip cookies anyone? saje buat ni for hubby nak makan2 on the way ke KL hari tu. These cookies ni a favourite kat rumah ni and other people's favourite too. thank you all...

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