Wednesday, April 21, 2010


mama, look! a butterfly!

there!go get abang to bring my camera, hurry! before it flies away!
this is one rare moment, a moment not to bemissed. this sight must be captured, rare to actually find such a beautiful butterfly in our small garden. we do have them occasionally but never this close up.....we could actually touch it if we wanted to but dare not to for fear of scaring it away. birds chirping , is a common sound, we sometimes have birds accidentally flew inside our house
its going to open its wing, come on, open up, we want to see your beautiful wings magnifiique, so gorgeous, so.......

please...please...pretty please, we waited and waited but it refused to open its wing, A little bit more, please,,,,,,........when it did, i wasn't fast enough to capture that beautiful sight. the butterfly was much faster and swifter than me!it only opened its wings for a brisk second. We waited, both Batrisyia and I, and waited but still , no open wings....

this is one of the best shots , the closest shot I took and after a while, it flew away and away andnot coming back. but i do hope that it will come back again and I hope the next time I will get to capture it with its wings wide open for us to see and admirethe beautiful pattern on them.

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