Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its cartoon world!Spongebob, Power Puff Girls, Doraemon

Spongybob, Power Puff Girls are two of the most wanted cartoon characters, besides BEN 10, and I wouldn't mind doing them over and over again because they are so colourful and so cheerful.Why do kids love them so much?I did too when I was young but there were no Spongebob or PPG then. Back in the 70s, there were only Mickey Mouse and the gang, Donald, Goofy, Pluto & Minnie, Bugs Bunny 'Whats up Doc', Tweety 'I thot I thaw a putty tat', Woody heheheheho Woodpecker, the RoadRunner, and a few more.

I was updating my blog the other day when Spongebob was on TV.He's such a lovable character, kind and honest and he has an equally good and honest best friend, Patrick.

Kak Rose ordered these cuppies for her and her officemates too, she specially requested for cartoon characters, starting with spongebob plus any other cartoon characters too. lama tak main dengan piping jelly ni....

so, here they are, Spongebob, Blossoms, Bubbles, Buttercup, Doraemon, Mickey sikit and Dora sikit.

Thank you so much kak rose for these orders and hope you and your colleagues will enjoy these cuppies with your families.

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