Friday, June 12, 2009

Tuai padi antara masak, esok jangan layu2an....

Tuai padi antara masak,

esok jangan layu-layuan,

intai kami antara nampak,

esok jangan rindu-rinduan....

love this song, the sweet and melodious song....

could best be dedicated to this newly wed Yanie and Khir. Not that this is their fav song or their love song but as they have tied the knot, they would be together forever, insyaAllah unlike before.... I guess for most couples, they would missing one another when they are not together.

two tiered wedding cake, eggless orange cake ( top ) and chocolate moist cake ( bottom )with buttercream...simply white., with just a touch of very light green leaves.

another chocolate cake for the groom's side, again, just a simple design with ganache and buttercream deco.

a set of marble cheese brownies from the bride to the groom. Yanie especially requested for the brownies to be placed in a small basket like the one I did before. when we were discussing this, I asked her to be prepared if I were to use plan B because I wasn't sure if the shop was open on Friday ( that was the next day ) and wheteher they still had the stocks . Somehow as fate had it, she's very fortunate because firstly, the shop did open on Friday and yes, they had it and those were the last nine pieces of basket that were available at the shop.

balance of the chocolatey and cheesy marble cheese brownies for their indulgence.

every cake making and cake decorating has a story to tell and this one was no exception.For me, each one is special in its own way. Like this one , I normally make my roses using the cones as the base and somehow, i didn't know where the cones were! I just bought a packet of the cones because i had been making quite a lot of roses the last few days and weeks and therefore, i was only left with a few.I was a bit nervous in the beginning,cos I had never made the roses without its cone ( except for the royal icing which I did using the flower nail, but this is buttercream, or could i just do it using the same method?)

Why don't I just go and buy a new packet of cones! That's the problem because it's Friday and the shop was closed .How about on Saturday? It's closed too because of the Agong's birthday! I was left with no choice but to use the flower nail and alhamdulillah, I did get my roses.
Yanie came to collect these cakes and brownies with her other half ( they did the akad nikah the day before) I hope they are satisfied because I couldn't actually do it 100% the way she requested because of a few things. Blame it on the shop for not opening...typical, to blame on others but yourself. The cone thing was only just half the story, many things happened during the making of these cakes.....biarlah rahsia.......
Yanie came again later in the evening with Khir to return the cake stand the same night because we were leaving for our cuti-cuti malaysia .They are strangers no more, we invited them in for a quick cup of tea ( really, ....just tea, no titbits, not even a slice of cake....)and before they left, we gave them each a kain pelikat and a batik sarung ( the people back home would normally do this to newlyweds) as a wedding gift.
to both Khir and yanie, "Selamat Pengantin Baru", Semoga Berkekalan hingga ke Akhir Hayat".
Note: guess who decided to turn up a few days later......
my packet of cones for the roses!!!!!!( which I did buy and it was with the transparent boxes that I bought the other day). Oh well.........good things did come up because of the disappearance. I now know how to make my roses without the cones :-)

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