Saturday, June 20, 2009

for the Love of A Father

Chocolate cupcakes with ganache and buttercream deco with white and blue theme in a transparent box tied with ribbons with similar colours. This set was requested by a daughter who lives in Putrajaya for her beloved father who is in Alor Staq.

Ida, had e-mailed and smsed me more than a month ago to block this date. After enquering about the prices, flavours and designs and cake selection from cupcakes to cakes to brownies, she finally settled for this cake choice and design. Earlier Ida requested for a white and purple rosette but until almost the last minute but it was not too late because I hadn't mixed the colour yet, she decided to change from purple to blue.No problemo, small matter.
With wordings of "Happy Birthday &Happy Father's Day" to wish her father. Ida might not be here but her thoughts are with him. Such a thotful daughter and from what I heard from his dad's colleagues, Ida sent her Mum a bouquet of flowers for Mothers day last month. How proud her parents must have been to have such a sweet and loving and thotful dotter. It was unfortunate that her father , En. Shafie was not in when I sent the cuppies, and so Ida requested me to leave it with his colleagues. I am sure the cuppies are in good hands!

Ida specifically requested for rosettes designs but I decided to mix with other designs too and I hope Ida doesn't mind.

thank you Ida for trusting me with this Fathers Day cuppies.
Here's wishing Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday too , to En. Shafie , Ida's father. Just like Mother's Day, today is extra special but treat any other days just as special, for our parents are the special people in our lives.

Happy father's day, or Daddy's Day, or Abah's Day, or Papa's Day or whatever you call them to all the fathers in the world especially to my Abah back in my hometown and to my hubby who is also a father to our kids. You are the greatest! We love you heaps......


  1. Hari ni harijadi Amri yg ke 11 & Father's day to Abah Amri :) Also, the longest day of the year.. here in Ireland. Harap cuaca elok.. boleh celebrate kat park ke hehehe

  2. happy birthday Amri! semoga menjadi anak yang soleh.Esok birthday Umi dia pulak ..double celebration at the park maybe?

  3. WAHHH.... Cantiknya kak zue... combination of blue and black.. so cute... great job kak zue!

  4. thank you sue, first time guna this royal blue colour. nasib baik jadi elok. thank you sue for the "WAHHH cantiknya" comment...... :-)harap orang yang mengordernya di Putrajaya tu pun suka