Friday, April 10, 2009

Sinar Harian Edisi Utara

That lady in red ( lady in red, she's dancing with me, cheek to cheek...a song by Chris de Burgh ) looks very familiar...I have seen her somewhere....hmmmm....of course , it's me! When the lady of Sinar informed me that they were going to publish this article I was a bit..shy pun ada...mixed feeling.....

Normally it was my kids or hubby who sometimes appear in the local newspaper, the company having a Hari Raya Celebration and my daughter was seen queuing to accept the raya packet from the GMD, etc but not me..aa, not moi. There was once, I appeared on the national television in the prime time news, well, not much, just a glimpse, when our former premier came here to do a ground breaking ceremony and I was in charge of the gift ( with my other colleague) and that was it, as far as limelight is concerned, but this, it is a bit overwhelming for me.

Soon, after the article was published I started receiving calls from friends, ( Wah, dah glamour lah you) No, I wasn't seeking for glamorous title , all i wanted was for people to know more about my" heaven on earth " creations through Zue's Oven a.k.a cekmekzue . I want to share with them something which taste so "out of this world", something creamy, cheesy, chocolatey ( my oreo chocolate cheesecake )and sometimes chooey and gooey and nutty ( this is for brownies ), something moist and chocolatey or simply vanilllaey..( for my chocolate and vanilla cupcakes ) , i have more, the list is endless. I have tasted something so indescribably scrumptious from my oreo chocolate cheesecake and I want to share this feeling .

I want to share the excitedness and the happiness and satisfaction when they see and taste my cakes and cheesecakes.

To Ms Linda and Sinar Harian, thank you for making it possible for me. Thanx to the organiser too for having faith in me .


  1. Now I know how you look like! My Mak said Zue ni orang dia kecik molek. Kecik sungguh!

    Satu hari I mesti nak kena cuba oreo chocolate cheesecake you tu. Tapi tak tau la bila since I jarang sangat balik A/S.

    Nice work there :)

  2. Ja, before my 3rd child, I was at 36 kg. paling berat pun 40kg. now, paling berat that I would allow is 45 kg, if the scale exceed slighlty sudah risau.... I tak leh besar sangat tak padan with my height.But I am okay with my weight now, at least ada gak isi at the right places....

    u must try my oreo choc ciskek one of these days. Mengikut testimonials tu memanglah mengancam but it's up to individuals punya tastelah but i think you are gonna like it.