Saturday, April 4, 2009

A beautiful learning experience

here comes the bride, all dressed in white....
i like this tree, so cute...

romantic bouquet

Suitable for kenduri aqiqah, celebrating the arrival of a new member to one's family. Isn't it cute, pink for a girl and perhaps blue for a boy..
Moo moo cow and giraffe guarding cinderella's pumpkin next to an old tree

pink collection

The whole "Premier Collection"

Our life is full of journeys, beautiful, wonderful, sad, colourful, etc.. and each journey is made more interesting as one learns more and more, for learning is a never-ending experience, " Belajarlah walau sampai ke negeri Cina".....with a thirst and quest to learn new things I sent a few e-mails and made one phone call to one complete stranger and I discovered one whole day of wonderful and interesting experience , learning and acquiring new skill ie making figurines using fondant with a stranger no more but a wonderfully and brilliantly talented lady who owns an equally creative and interesting blog cupcakekasih . This is not an exaggeration but the result is the testimonial of a creativity coming from such a person thru her work to her student, me, taught me from A to Z and making sure that I did everything and not leaving any single minute detail, not even a single dot to be left out. That is how detail and how intricate her work is.

For this wonderful experience, thank you so much kak jun. U r the best...

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