Friday, May 4, 2012

empat sekali gus

This, makes me happy,even though , they are not for me , but happy to know that other people enjoy my cakes. Even though the orders were made at quite a last minute. It never crossed my mind to say "No' no matter how tight the situation was, no matter how tired I knew i would feel, but to disappoint them is the last thing on my mind. The least i could offer was the quickest and the simplest, like the MCB or BWW.tapi kalau nak figurine or deco susah susah in such shhort notice, memang kena say "No" jugaklah.:-(
butter cake or pound cake. I think this is the basic of all cakes, or perhaps the mother of all cakes, for it only uses the most basic ingredients, butter ( of course, with its name butter cake, definitely, there's butter in it, right?), sugar, eggs , flour and vanila..This is the second time I made this.  When she ordered this the first time, she provided me with the recipe and I just followed that recipe and she and her friends like it. i didn't know how or what it tasted like. but, when I made it the second time, i couldn't help but noticing the smell, that distinct smell, which brings back memories, " That" smell, the smell of my childhood. 
plain bake cheesecake, but with grass, suka na za ni dengan 'rumput'.
oreo chocolate cheesecake

aiik, red velvet ni pun dah tumbuh rumput jugak.
thank you za.

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