Monday, May 21, 2012

second week in May

let me just say a few words about each picture and when I have the pleasure of writing them down in detail, i will do so later. 
Batrisyia , also having a good time with Simran and her son in my kitchen, decorating cupcakes on one fun Tuesday.
this marks the beginning of my new vneture. this oreo chocolate cheesecake cut into 12 slices, and will be able to be enjoyed by those who feel like indulging but do not wish to buy the whole cheesecake. They can just go over to New Regent, a newly refurbished hotel in Alor Star where you can find a few selection of my cakes and cheesecakes there.
and what have we here, cooking ribs curry,yummm
pulut kuning decorated with gumpaste flowers, no, ididn't make the pulut kuning but my neighbour did. i just decorated it with some flowers as per request from my customer, thank you Arnida.
my small contribution back to the society or rather to a group of orphanage. i wish them well.
our lunch menu, how long ago was this, not very long but it seems like forever that I went in my kitchen to cook us some decent meal.

to be continued....

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