Thursday, May 31, 2012

New cake on the block- PECAN BUTTERSCOTCH CAKE

someoone prompted me to try this cake, she said that it tasted so good, and asked me if I do this, and my answer then, about three weeks ago, was "No, i am sorry I didn't do this". But, if she asked me again, i will definitely say, "Yes, I do, how many?"
i had never tasted this cake before and had no clue how it tasted like but when i first sink myteeth into a scoop of this slice, it was an amazing feeling. OMG! No wonder she likes it, it just tasted heavenly! out of this world! the same feeling I experienced when I first had a bite of the OREO CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE! simply amazing! scrumptious!
layers of sponge cake ,generously topped with the butterscotch cream and sprinkled with caramelized pecan, covered with yet another layer of the butterscotch cream, last but not least, with a layer of the silky smooth and creamy white chocolate ganache. Need I say more!it tastes as good as it looks. It even melts the toughest cake critique, my other half, who is so fussy about cake, he even took a liking to this sinfully rich, creamy PECAN BUTTERSCOTCH CAKE.


  1. salam zue...

    wlp hari cuti tp akak tetap terjaga seawal 4am huhu...masuk sini perut terus I wish dapat keluarkan kek ni dari computer.. nyum nyum nyummy....

    agak2 wedding cakes yg 3 tier tu, boleh tak buatkan 3 rasa yg berlainan? for eg : paling bawah tu pecan butter scoth cake
    second plak kek lain dan paling atas red velvet...hehe...

    ok zue 11/11 tu dah confirm, theme color is striking blue (aparra depa...), so akak nak the cakes should be blue and white, is it possible for you dear?

    nanti dah dekat harinya, i'll call you to inform the address ya. Jemput you dan family datang sekali, kalau ada family dr Kelantan sampai, bawak depa sekali ya, no problem!

  2. salam, thousand apologies, lambat bebenor reply ni, duk sibuk berpanjangan, hari ni boleh take it easy, in fact dah a few days take it easy, taking a break, duk ada di KL ni, boleh kita jumpa kot?
    normally pun zue biasa buat three tiers with three different flavours, red velvet no problem, pecan butterscotch tu okay tak duk keluar lama2, kalu bawak keluar terus ppotong insyaallah okay gak, tapi kaler biru putih, insyaAllah I will try to think of something, blue ganache? hehe......
    you have my number, can I have your osos, senang nak calling calling, 11/11 insyaallah

  3. Meh tengok kek kat sini..