Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another sweet moment in my life as a mother

My hero....
or one of my heroes, there are two heroes in my life, one big one and one little one. The big one, of course, my other half.
.............receiving his certificate for his achievement in last year's PMR during the " Hari Anugerah Cemerlang' at his former school..
Hopefully the next function would be for my daughter who will be sitting for her SPM this year.It doesn't matter actually whether they receive any award, certificate or recognition as such, what matters is they excel in life, as a person and as good Muslim and Muslimah. that is my doa for my children. Tsara', Ameer and Batrisyia.
 It doesn't matter if you get 10As or 1A in your exam, they are good on papers and yes, of course, they are good when applying for scholarships and for a place in the institute of higher learning, but that alone does not guarantee a successful future.
Work smart and not work hard, is what I have heard everywhere nowadays. Unlike, many many years ago, people always say, work hard, study hard...well not anymore.being smart is the way forward.
So my dearest kids, work smart okay. you can watch TV, surf the net, FBing, Tweeting, all you like, as long as you know how to limit yourself and know your boundaries and divide your time wisely. but until then, I will continue being your 'monitor', watching and guarding your every moves......hehe....
love you guys.....muahhh......


  1. Ehh...kak zue ada anak dara yg anak amik SPM this year? saya tk penah tgk dia pun..?

  2. yes dear, my eldest, sekolah Convent, tak suruh dia buat kerja sangat sebab nak exam and dia pulak tak minat baking and decorating cake macam Batrisyia., so she's seldom in the kitchen, turun makan je..hehe.....tapi dia selalu tolong tang cleaning up.

  3. setuju ngan you zue..

    akak pun tak suka bagi anak2 pressure utk belajar, Kalau hati mereka tenang maka pelajaran akan mudah difaham, let them enjoy the subject...

    next week dah exam, akak just revise apa yg mereka dah belajar setiapkali buat homework, pastu sembang2...gelak dan biarkan mereka tidur dalam keadaan fikiran yg tenang, ini baik utk bekalan mereka esok hari, baik utk otak dan jiwa mereka, insyaAllah.

    straight A's mmg hebat tapi bukan segalanya. didikan dalaman lebih utama...

    tahniah utk ur hero ya! keep it up!

  4. I baru nak edit ni....hehehe.... kalau boleh tu memanglah nak juga banyak "A", tapi tak mahulah stresskan dia orang ni, biarlah buat setakat termampu, paksa paksa pun takleh juga.
    Tabiklah kat you dear, siap revise dengan anak , dunno if i can do that, because zue dah terbiasa during my student years dulu, duduk sekolah asrama penuh, so semua atas bahu kita sendiri, kena berdikari, so macam expect anak anak to do the same. tapi tulah, zaman dah tak sama, am trying my best lah, buat setakat termampu.
    now ni exam week my son ni, hopefully he will do well.
    thank you dear, yup, he will keep the momentum going for his SPM next year. My eldest SPM tahun ni, mama dia yang dah terketaq ketaq ni......:-)

  5. Hello Zue, my best compliments to your hubby. He has exceeded his and your expectations. Well done!
    May the winds of destiny guide him so he can dance with the stars.
    Zue, I love your thoughts of your family. Wayyyyy to go!

    Zue, I have something very special for you my next posting. Almost completed, will post maybe couple of hours later.
    This new blog upgrade buat saya lintang pukang.
    Have a nice day.

  6. hello lee! that hero is my son lah Lee, not encik hubby.
    I like that phrase. wind of destiny, very poetic....nice....
    I look forward to visitng your pondok, or has it now been upgraded? after attending to so many 'parties', travelling in style, surely the pondok has also been 'renovated'?

    be seeing you soon, but let me clear off these orders first....i know, you will say that my bank manager will be smiling seeing me walking into his banks, yup, smiling alright cos I have to settle my outstanding loans and credit cards!!!ouch!
    catch you later Lee!