Monday, April 30, 2012

Sawadikkap... and happy wedding.

these two boarded the bus on 27th night. they almost didn't make it on the bus because of the 'street' demonstration  scheduled to held the following day. Fortunately, the bus company finally  agreed to take them.They had been very good to me ever since I first started using their services.thank you Kak Min and Pancaran Matahari

"zue, your cake was a big hit.Nasib baik my mum suggested d cake. pengantin pun lupa nak order.Other than the pengantin, the cake was d most photographed item yesterday.The bride was touched cos she too forgot to order. It was a beautiful and sweet looking cake. it was delicious too. my mum told me that"
text message from my friend.

marble cheese brownies especially made for Mum's mother who came from Brunei to visit the latest addition to the family, her new grandchild, Mum's niece or nephew?It was 28 years ago since I last met her when I visited her in her home in Bandar Seri Begawan.We, Mum and I had finished our important exam, SPM, that year since it would be a while before we got our results, she invited me to visit her parents in Brunei.I jumped at the opportunity. I have never been out of Malaysia before , the furthest that i was away from my family was to go to johor, my school, and this would be my first experience, not just going oversea but also, my first time on a plane!!!It was a truly wonderful and enjoyable experience. Perhaps i will talk more about it if i can find the photos, after all, a picture says a thousand words.
mso, back to this cake. why the writing in thailand or siamese? I don't speak that language, and nor do i write them but when Mum mentioned that the bride is from thailand, i told her that i could try to write the message iin her language ( if i can ask Mr google to help me ). Thailand, the other foreign country that i had the opportunity to visit ( besides UK where I did my Degree) . I guess that is one of the advantages of staying in kedah  since we are very near to Thailand, just cross the border at Bukit Kayu hitam, and we are  already on a foreign soil. Haadyai, was the first destination, it was an office trip. Since then, i had been to other famous tourist destinations, Phuket and Bangkok.i went to both places before the Tsunami.  
sort of new design on this marble cheese brownies, a special design for a special person. 
written on a piece of lightly coloured fondant. with simple deco using the colour theme of purple and pink.underneath this white coloured fondant was a red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting.
"This was a rather short notice order, i received the call from her the previous 24 hours and fortunately I managed to complete it on time, safely delivered via the express bus to Kuala Lumpur where my friend picked them up at the wee hours in the morning.
thank you Mum, and your Mum too for trusting me with this cake despite our distance.hope your Mum arrives safely back in brunei and i wish her good health always.


  1. my dear zue...

    sisipkan sedikit dari waktumu untuk akak pada Nov nanti ya. Tarikh sebenar akan diberi mungkin awal Oct, sebab sekarang ni masih dlm perbincangan lagi, I 'll call you zue.

    3 tier wedding cake ok!

  2. Hello dear,
    tengah duk bersilat lagi ni dgn rainpbow cakke lah, cheesecakelah, ada yang dihantar, ada duk tunggu nak ambik, pastu nak marathon red velvet pulak ni.....masyuuukk....Alhamdulillah.
    ok, await your call......
    wow ! 3 tier, dah ada tema? boleh perah otak siap siap....:-)