Monday, May 7, 2012

bride and groom cookies

the non normal colour for the bride and groom, she specifically requested for the non black and white
but before that, some sketches for  the cookies, inspired by the designs by Catherine Walker
smaller size heart shaped cookies for her 'candy booth'
these sets are for one of the 'dulang hantaran'.
thank you Kak Baa'ayah, selamat terima menantu, and Areena, Selamat Pengantin baru


  1. Hello Zue, it took me about a minute to realize your these beautiful cakes look like men and women's outfits. I love the pearl necklace, looks classy.
    First time I see something like this, very creative too.
    And you've done it again...Outstanding, Zue!
    I can just imagine the tedious work involved on each cake.

    And again, your wrappings really beautiful.
    You did all that yourself or ada assistant? Ha ha.
    Have fun, Zue.

  2. Hello back to you Lee.
    I have done this before, just the bride's dress and they were in white. this bride to be, well, as of this, she's already married, requested the non white dress and thew non black tuxedo.
    I also sayang to let go of these cookies Lee, I have always loved to design dresses, but only on papers, never on fabric....I think I'll stick to baking for the time being.
    Thank you for the compliments Lee. Actually this was a short notice request but fortunately I managed to pull through and this time without my assistant ( my daughter batrisyia ), normally she would assist me especially when I did the "Angry Birds' figurines.
    Today, I have two students coming over to learn some basic on baking and decorating, a special request actually from my customer for her son coming back for a holiday. she's been asking for this session for quite some time, since last year but i just couldn't squeeze any dates for them, i felt so bad and finally we set today's date. Hopefully the class will run smoothly and we both, I mean all three of us will have a good time at the same time.
    Be seeing you again Lee, gotta prepare the settings for them.
    You have fun too Lee!