Monday, May 21, 2012

Mothers day week and so is Nurses day

blueberry cheesetarts, sliced
chocolate moist cake with ganache, sliced
and what is this? kek gula hangus? no, it is kek hangus, as in burnt!the last cake to be bakked that night and as i was feeling sleepy, i decided to take a quick doze on the sofa after closing the oven door with this cheesecake inside, only to be awaken by the not so aromatic smell coming from the kitchen. OMG! is it? No! please don't, but it's been close to four hours from the last I saw the clock on the wall before taking that nap. and so it was, my cheesecake has turned into kek, the moral of the story is, don't bake when you are feeling really tired and sleepy.
1/2 kg red velvet cakes
Selamat Hari jururawat to all the nurses in the world. 
and Selamat Hari ibu to all beautiful mothers in the whole wide world especially too my Umi. i love you Umi and Mak, my MIL.
boxed and ready to be delivered, these should bring a smile to those lovely nurses at the hospital sulatnah Bahiyah, from warga Bank Rakyat.
chocolate moist cake with almond flakes on the side, from a daughter in law for her new mother in law
delivered to her doorstep to her house in Taman Mulia, Jln Sultanah
plus another one for her mum, working in one of the financial institutions here, with a simple messafe, we Love you mama, from 4 of us. Before 5th May, there was three of them and with a new member to the family, they become four.I wonder if next year, from five of us, either Adila with her new ehem ehem or Areena and her new baby, insyaAllah.
thank you Zla, mothers day cheesecake and oreo chcolate cheesecake


  1. haha...sorry sis, nak gelak jugak..

    akak dah alami lama dulu, my rotiboi hangus, kes "nak baring jap ah" hahaha

    terus lentok 3 jam! berasap jugaklah oven, oooh, lesson learnt, takut dah nak tidur time baking or frying...kalau dah too tired or sleepy, akak off oven dan zzzoom bilik off mata, habis cerita! hahaha

    hati2 lenkali ya!
    psst tak sabar nak tunggu Nov...

  2. Tak baik tau akak gelak tapi memang pun, dahtakde ropa kek dah, terpaksa baked another one, right there and then sebab esok orang nak.
    memang kes nak baring jap, tapi lupa nak pesan kat my kids, depa pun tengok mama depa ni letih bebeno, tak sampai hati nak kejut pun...
    look forward to Nov too.....

  3. Zue, byknya alhamdulillah. So good to see you baking and baking.