Thursday, May 31, 2012

what came out from my oven sometime last week

these represented some of the "heaven on earth creations' from Zue's Oven. We have red velvet with cream cheese frosting for th elovely nurses at the NICU unit. Thank you Hafiz
my first order for CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE, I made this for her birthday last year and I have always made this for my own indulgence, little did I knew that she and her son had been craving for this cheesecake fotr quite sometime and that day on 22nd May ( my birthday ) she ordered this for her son.Thank you balkis and Ayie.....indulge......
MCB foor her daughter's birthday
plus one MAG-D, macaroni au gratin -meat ( daging with seafood). Thank you Azlina
Sib baik ada extra MCB ni, si Ayah forgot his son's birthday., so Just wrote a simple birthday wish on th eMCB .
haa, what's this? didn't look like these came out from my oven, pulut kuning and rendang ayam.....hmmmm....ordered these from my neighbour for my friend customer.Thank you Balkis and thank you Kak Pah for accepting this not so last minute order.
bluberry cheesetarts, thank you Linda
after a long silence, mr brownies strikes again. Thank you Mr Din.

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