Tuesday, May 22, 2012

may 22nd is here...........Alhamdulillah.

this is the mystery 'cake' , actually chocolate mousse

"dikejar bayang bayang resah, 
bila hatimu masih tak berubah"....
the ringing tone ,Relaku Pujuk, by spider, from her blackberry woke her up.
" Ya sayang",
Happy birthday Ma,or was it happy birthday dear, or was it happy birthday sayang?
thank you, is it 12 midnite?
no, it's 3 am.
no wonder she could not really recall what he was saying, it was 3 am and she was half asleep or was it half awake?
what are you doing up?
i was about to go to sleep , just thought I'd call and wish you happy birthday.
Did the girls make you a birthday cake?
erm... did they? I don't know. i had slept here on the sofa since nine o'clock and I heard nothing, no sound of the mixer or the timer, no nothing. yilek, nehi..takdak....
or, did you lock the door?
no, I was sleeping downstairs, 
okay, gud nite sayang
love ya
and so now, that she's awake, she had to wake up anyway, she had to make a chocolate cheesecake . that was her plan before she dozed off on the sofa.she had asked her eldest daughter to take out the cream cheese out of the fridge, to leave it at room temperature but  most probably , the fatigueness and the tiredness of baking and decorating cakes for the past few days had taken a toll on her, and she slept the minute her head touched the softness and the comfiness of the sofa.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
thankfully her husband called, if not, she might have disappointed one young customer if she did not make that chocolate cheesecake.
So she went to the kitchen, and jeng jeng jeng, here's what she discovered.
what is this weight machine doing here. This is not its normal place.....hmmmm.She smelled something fishy....
something amiss, where;s her  rose fllour jar, it should be in between the cocoa powder and the self raising flour jar. could they really be making a birthday cake for her?there's her jar of rose flour, on the table, with other things, the bicarbonate soda, the big bowl and the strainer.
she was  wondering what they were making?
aha...looks like they used the hand held mixer too, with whisk still attached to it, with traces of egg white, could they be making chocolate mousse? or chocolate mousse cake?
let's see if there's anything in the chiller

found it!This, she did not make, therr's no order for oreo chooclate cheesecake that night, and she had not even started on her chocolate cheesecake yet. Could this be the cake that her husband mentioned earlier. Seeing this in her chiller, left a big smile on her face. At 4 am, she started working on her order for the cheesecake, knowing that someone had made her a birthday cake, for the first time, she did not have to make her own birthday cake, not that made one every year.........
She would have to wait till it is chilled properly because according to her daughter, it is called Rich Chocolate mousse..and needs to be cooled for several hours, .hmmm... chocolate mousse, her favourite..till then, she had to continue doing her things, preparing the ingredients for MAG-D, macaroni au gratin daging ( meat with seafood ) and MCB ( marble cheese brownies) for tomorrow.

can't wait to taste that Rich chocolate mousse......yummmmm......


  1. Hi Zue, hey, you take it easy, ya. Holy Smoke! You wake at this time to bake cakes!! Sleeping on the sofa.....you sure one dedicated lady.
    But then again, all your cakes have that special ingredient, called 'love'.

    Your artistic creations in itself looks like works of art.....
    I won't be surprised, ahemmmm, if I let you know saya balek kampong, and maybe get invited to your residence, there'll be a nice cake, ada pokok kelapas, with a 'selamat datang', ha ha ha.
    Zue, you have fun.....and keep well.
    Best regards,

  2. Hello Lee, sori, took me a week to reply to you, my parents just got back, stayed here a few days, few wonderful days, gonna miss my Umi's cooking.
    I have to take it easy , alright, at this age, don't think can stay up that late anymore, now, I am having headache for sleep deprivation.

    Love, is all i can give to my cakes, TLC I called it to my hubby, everytime he asked me, how I did my cake? I quickly answered, TLC.
    come rain or shine, sleepy or not, when my customers come to collect their cakes, I ahve to makes sure that theya re ready.

    thank you Lee, for the 'always 'jalan atas air; compliments. Sure, when and if you come over, wish i hope you will someday, you are always welcome to our humble house, with my mini ktichen and my mini Beetle, we go ronda ronda Pekan Rabu, no beach here lah Lee, but there is one pokok kelapa in front of my house.....hehe....reserved for you....
    You take care, stay cool!

  3. Hi Zue, just dropped by say hello.Was admiring your kitchen baking utensils, very impressive, the sure signs of a lady who loves baking.
    And a beautiful lady too.
    Have fun. Red rose wishes to you.

  4. Hello back to you Lee!
    loves baking, alright., dunno about the 'beautiful' part. hehe......okay okay, beautiful, definitely...haha....
    thank you for the red roses wishes,
    you have a beautiful Friday and take care , Lee
    got a few cakes to deco today