Monday, May 14, 2012

purple and white on chocolate

She got my number through a friend, she called on  2nd May, wanted a cake for a special person, for a birthday do, about 80 guests, close friends only and the function would  be held at one of the hotels here. The birthday guy loves chocolate cake and she wanted purple and white deco with just a simple "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" message on it. Now, how do I  decorate a birthday cake for a grown man, very distinguised person too, he's not into golf, and she didn't give me any specific instructions besides the colour and the wordings and the choice of cake flavour. I guess stripes and round design should work and i remembered this design by one of the great cake designers, which I just loved, and  hopefully she felt the same way too.
every cake has a story and so did this one. 5th Nov, was an important date, i had blocked that date for quite sometime, couldn't and wouldn't want to miss it for whatever reason, and thus when i received this order, I wasn't sure, could I pull it ( yet again, like many other orders? )Could I just swing the magic wand and vooila1 one birthday cake ready!
I am afraid in real world, it didn't work that way.
so, what did I do? baked the chocolate moist cake  ( 12 x 12 inch ) the night before, along with other chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes, and one brownies with walnut. it seems that all orders on 5th were chocolate based.
first thing in the morning, waited for Yati to collect her son's birthday cake, which I decorated in the same morning.followed by the two 
sets chocolate cupcakes with edible images of Hello Kitty and 
Yati's birthday cake , chocolate moist with edible image of her son and colourful 'smarties' arranged on the side and chocolate rice on the sides.Thank you Yati.Yati collected her cake around 10 am.
the other , Angry Birds, for Iza's daughter's bbirthday, to bring to her school to be shared with her friends.Thank you Iza. Iza collected her cake around 11 am.
I then continued decorating this brownies for Azalea, tick tock tick tock, the clock is ticking! I haven't even started onthe 12x12 inch chocolate cake and I have a wedding to go to in Bertam, yes, Bertam in Penang!. The purple and white cake must be ready by 5 pm for the dinner birthday bash. 
Tick tock tick tock
and my heart is pounding, dap dup dap dup.and my hand didn't stop working and my mind is working on the design as i went along.
this browines with walnut sprinkled with icing sugar and fondant cutout wordings is for azalea, a birthday wish via BWW for "Queen of my Heart" Mak. Thank you Azalea.
I started cutting the purple and white strips, some flower cutouts and did both sides of the cake, it was almost 1 pm and I had to stop there and got ready to go to Penang. Reached the hall at around 2pm, met with the bride's mum and sisters, had our
nasi kenduri, congratulating the new bride and groom, say our bye bye and headed back home. Reached home around 4pm, and still in my keabaya, i was working on the final deco for the purple and white cake, and fortunately managed to complete it by around six pm ( had called her earlier that the cake would be ready slightly later than 5 pm and she's ok with it. Thank you Kak Tam, hhope the birthday man likes his chocolate birthday cake and hopefully you'll have a jolly good time swinging and dancing the night away to the old tune.
so, that was the story behind the cake, despite the tick tock and dup dap, Alhamdulillah I was able to complete the mission.

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