Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still got the blues........

out of the blue, I feel blue, just like Gary Moore's song, "Still got the blues"
and what a co-incidence, my partner in this dance is a fan of Gary Moore.
the year was 1987,
the venue: UEL's hall, Barking, North East London,
the event:Malaysian Night
one of the many dances that I performed that night. this is called "joget" and I did inang, lilin, zapin, boria and endang too! Not just me, I think we ( these four ladies ) all did, the same faces, with different costumes and dance steps. it was fun!
since I am still feeling blue, don't feel like writing much................


  1. Hi Zue, alamak, hari biru pulak? Must be the, as my contractor used to say, 'heli heli ujian', ha ha.
    Hey....we -27'c! Now that can really make one turn blue!

    I think maybe you tell hubby take you to Maldives, ada bulan...east seafood and behave like honeybulan....the biru jadi orange, ha ha ha.
    Love the pics...I used to dance the joget or ronggeng at Malay weddings, with either the Syts or their makciks.
    The things I do, ha ha.
    You stay easy Zue....make sambal belachan, feel better.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Hello Lee! a visitor like you just made my blue turns to orange!you sure can bring smile and sunshine to others. Whoa -27! that is freezing cold!!!you keep warm, wrap yourself up nicely ya Lee.
    Three kids but still no proper honeybulan yet, we'll see lah, the place that I so long to go would be Paris....
    thanx for dropping by Lee, those pictures, those memories , will forever stay fresh in my mind, those were the sweet old days, no worries about anything,

  3. Hi Zue

    How come? Thought baking is a form of therapy to chase the blues away. Air Asia tickets to Paris are pretty reasonable. So you know what to do ....

  4. Hai Yatt!
    it's just one of those days Yatt, hubby outstation, and a few days back, received the news that one of our A Leval friends just passed away, heart attack. We went to the same uni kat UK. Now, that's a thot, Air Asia ticket, insyaAllah ada rezeki sampailah ke sana..... am baking and decorating cupcakes now....