Monday, February 14, 2011

kelas on sunday

ini student mana pulak kek tiga segi?

After a few mintes of ice breaking session, we made our way into my little kitchen to start on today's class. That day was Sunday not the usual Friday since both of them were only avai lable on Sunday. Any day is good for me cos I am at home 24/7

A little intoduction to fondant in this class to make it more fun, rather than just using buttercream as the deco

break for a short home cooked lunch, as usual simple simple dish only

Atira, trying her hands on the hat

and this is our mystrious Puan S who requested to remain anonymous

Atiera with her lovely creations, after a grueling eight hours more or less of baking, beating, mixing, piping , she managed to complete all the deco .

Atiera's creations

Puan S's creations

Thank you both for making the time to come and acquire some knowledge from me on how to decorate these little cakes. Jangan serik ya.

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