Friday, February 4, 2011

It's 'glee' time!

Happy 7th birthday Cairiel Mirza!

this beautiufl shot-courtesy of the birthday boy's mum and dad ( is he using his Nikon or Olympus to take this superb angle shot?

This was my first time experimenting with this rainbow cake, I had no clue how it would turn out but I hoped and prayed that it would turn out beautifully, ( taste wise and look wise ) and Alhamdulillah, from the feedback and response that I received from the birthday boy's mum, it was very encouraging and very satisfying, both on her part and later, mine....

She mentioned in her email that she wanted a colourful cake for her son's birthday but if I couldn't do it, she would settle for the usual chocolate moist cake. Having read her e-mail and seen the sample photo attached, immediately this rainbow cake came to mind. I had seen it on the net and I thot I'd give it a try. It would be suitable for a kid's birthday cake, it would wow ( I hope )the guests when they cut the cake and discovered the beautiful rainbow layers inisde it

for this cake, a special kind of buttercream , called Swiss meringue buttercream , is used as fillings in between the layers , instead of using lots and lots of butercream as suggested in the original recipe, I decided to do the opposite, firstly because I wasn't sure what my friend's reaction would be, secondly, it is kinda sweet to my tastebud and I was afraid, that it would be too sweet for them too,

the original recipe didn't use fondant, instead , the cake was covered with the swiss meringue buttercream , but here I had to cover it with fondant because I was going to poke the cookie "glee" sticks on the cake

photo courtesy of my friend.

from another angle

photo, courtesy of! using my Canon EOS

these glee characters as requested
colourful cake, inside and outside, fit for a seven year old and to ad to the merriness and joyfulness of the occasion was the pictures of all the 'GLEE' characters on the cookies stick, specially ordered from Penang ( the images mean), cookie is home made from Zue's Oven.
Thank you Sharina for trusing me yet again with another special person in your life with their birthday cake and giving me a new challenge (again!, previously it was the red velvet camera lens cake) and this time this colourful rainbow cake.
There is always a first time for everything , first kiss, first hello, first touch, and the first would lead to second, third and so on and the pleasure continues, the pleasure of making, the pleasure of giving, the pleasure of receiving, the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that I had made someone, very happy. I really enjoyed making this cake , and it is always a pleasure dealing with this sweet and nice English teacher, whose husband is such a pro in photography and hence the beautiful photos.
To the birthday boy, may you always be a bundle of joy and hapiness to your parents and menjadi anak yang soleh insyaAllah.


  1. I can see that the task is never easy when it comes to baking. Thanks for your kind words and overrated compliments :-)
    The cake was captured with Canon.. yes, Canon :-)
    Very few can beat the lively Canon colors and that's the reason why I secretly keeps my Canon Powershot G7 in my pocket. Thanks again for the wonderful cake that makes us all happy.
    Have a nice day!

  2. dear wickedwarhol aka birthday boy's dad,
    thanx for dropping by. the kind words are for the deserving and am glad that i am in this baking world, got to meet so many nice people, I guess sweet tooth people are really nice bunch of people kan?sweet tooth equals sweet people:-)
    So you do use Canon...secretly? :-)
    thanks to you and your lovely missus, for trusting me and for the challenge. It was a pleasure and a delight making that cake and i am so glad that something from my oven makes you all happy. that is the real satisfaction in this. Have a nice weekend to you and your family.....