Monday, February 7, 2011

blue and white for engagement hantaran

similar to the one I made "purple and white" which was bound for Tanjung Malim, as requested by Yanie

this set was for her brother's engagement ceremony held in langkawi

rezeki Yanie, made this for someone else but it was written and meant for her, and the sms which I received the following day, on my way back to Kelantan,
"sedapnya marble cheese cake (brownies) kak zue buat.....sgt marbeles....."

thank you Yanie. This is the lady who ordered her two tiered wedding cake plus MCB for hantaran in May 2009. When she returned the tier, she came with her other half and off they went to start their new life as married couple in KL.More than a year later, she came , no longer the two of them, but the three of them, 2 + 1 baby boy.congrats Yanie, may your marriage with K, be blessed with more cute babies.


  1. thanks kak zue...lepas ni boleh order lagi
    yanie bawak mcb utk offmate makan...diorang puji...sangat sedap..:)

  2. Salam Yanie aka nyamokecik?
    thank you to you too. anytime my dear, kalau nak deliver ke KL pun bisa diatur......

  3. serius boleh deliver ke KL ke? ini sudah bagussss...boleh order la camni

  4. Salam yanie, kak zue prefer hantar guna bus express, insyaallah boleh guarantee that you will receive it in one piece, macam yang kak zue deliver wonder pet cake ke Shah Alam.

  5. ouh yeke...nanti yanie kena collect kat stesen bas kat sini la ya? Berapa kos penghantaran tu kak zue?

  6. bus ekspres yang kak zue guna tu kak zue kenal the owner so the driver will carry the cakes atas bas( tak letak di bawah), yang kak zue hantar wonder pets tu RM25 tapi kalau yanie order more than one, ( kotlah ada kawan2 nak order jugak, boleh share the cost dgn kawan2 ( just a thot ). tiga tempat bas tu berhenti, Jalan Duta, shah Alam and Bukit Jalil.kak zue pernah hantar MCb dengan fruitcake pakai poslaju ke Penang and alhamdulillah selamat sampai tapi Penang dekat.