Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disney Tangled

Ahhhh.....phew! made it...... despite a little hiccup, alhamdulilah I managed to get this cake ready as per my customer's request. I have a few people to thank, CT , who is in Penang and her friend who lives in Pokok Sena but works in Penang, without their helps, this cake would not turn out this way. It would have been decorated differently

Marissa Izreen's mum's idea was incorporated onto this cake. I was only a making it happen for her, her idea to get Rapunzel's long hair all over the cake. At first I was not really sure how was I going to do it. I knew that Rapunzel was locked in a high tower by her stepmother, I knew that she had long hair which she used as a rope for her gentleman friend to climb up, but i did not know that she could get her hair ' tangled' around the cake!

"You'll be tangled up with our love forever", as requested by her mum, to be written on the Disney Tangled cake.
I like this, very sweet, very sincere and very comforting to know that this nine year old girl is loved and forever will be by her family, her mum ,dad, and her little brother.

thank you sharina for trusting me with yet another child of your's birthday, after the GLEE rainobw cake and now this Disney "Tangled" cake.Hope everyone will enjoy the cake, wishing Marissa Izreen, sedap nama ni, a Happy 9th birthday and may all her dreams come true.


  1. Thanks again for baking this delicious cake (most of us went for the 2nd helpings) and nicely decorated with Marissa's favorite Disney character.She was so excited with the cake and you can see her version in her Flickr.
    Thanks again and kind regards!

  2. Dear wickedwarhol,
    You are most welcome. It's always a pleasure dealing with your missus and making these cakes.Thank you for the 'delicious' comment and I am glad everyone , esp the birthday girl likes it. Will click on flickr soon. You are welcome again and have a nice day!