Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Hey, it looks like Sin Chan! "
said one little girl, the this lady's niece
Phew! thank goodness for that. If it resembles a bit like that character, then I'm good. But if they came and said, err.....is that Mario? or is that Bart Simpson? then I am in trouble.....my first attempt at making Shin Chan figurine, not that easy mind you ( for me lah , maybe not for others )

his loyal companion

She wanted Shin Chan on colourful fondant

two tiered cake and cupcakes, vanila cupcakes on top and chocolate moist with ganache for the bottom tier

for makan2 additional with simple swirls on top of the vanilla cupcakes
thank you Janet and wishing your hubby dearest, William, a happy 28th birthday!

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