Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beautiful words by beautiful people with sweet tooth

merely sharing the beautiful words by my customers The cake: chocolate moist cake with ganache
decoration: edible image with fondant and buttercream
cake size: 9 x 9 inches

The verdict:GORGEOUS!

beautiful words via e-mail:

"The deco was excellent, exactly how I pictured it, but you added the bees and ladybugs and flowers which turned it to be wayyy better than how I picture it....
I've never tasted your chocolate moist cake, so the choice was an added bonus.

Everyone loved it!!!!
Everyone asked for a second and third helping, and we had no extras to take home.

Overall, thanks so much for the trouble of making this wonderful cake.Marissa was thrilled and her mum, her mum was over-joyful too:-)"

me: It was no trouble at all, in fact, quite the opposite. It's a pleasure making it .

The cake/brownies: marble cheese brownies
deco: simple map of UK and ' orang lidi' with fondant London underground sign
the verdict: YUMMILICIOUS!

size : 10 x 10 inches

beautiful words via e-mail:

"Ya ALLAH cantiknya cake kak zue!!!! Ada map UK and London tube sign!!! impressed!!Siap nampak Cornwall hehee..
Thank you so much k.zue.Everyone puji cake tu yummilicious and they even asked me for more.

I wonder how Batrisyia maintain her weight when her mum never stop baking! "

me: nostalgia and Batriysia..... ikut mama dia....hehe......

The cake:GLEE rainbow cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream
The deco: fully covered with fondant and edible images on cookies sticks
size : 9 inches
The verdict: AWESOME!

beautful words via e-mail:

"The cake was awesomely Goood!!!! My sister and I had the first bite, and we turned and stared at each other & said sedaaaappppppp.....and dug in some more:-)

There was a 'moment' for a second for sweet tooth like us....
My other sister was eating it layer by layer macam kuih lapis, enjoying every layer.

Thank you so much ya.all of us love it esp little Cairiel."

me: My first Rainbow cake and I had an awesome time making it.


  1. Looks like you can start a fan club just by reading those words :-)

  2. Happy morning dear wickedwarhol,
    dunno about the fan club thing, but these words really inspire me, their satsfaction is my utmost priority.Thanx for dropping by and have a beautiful Wednesday morning, noon,, evening and night!!!