Thursday, February 3, 2011

cakes, cookies and cupcakes....

glee 'rainbow cake',

you can surprise your son with a colourful six layered cake sandwiched with swiss meringue buttercream in between each layer, and even please him more with the faces of his favourite characters from 'glee' on cookies stick

peach and white carrot walnut engagement cupcakes,

or make your special day memorable with these sweet tiny cakes in soft colour

carrot walnut 'hello kitty' birthday cake,

or simply express your love "sayang selamanya" to your daughters with this cartoon character drawn on the birthday cake

almost 3 kg, 12 inches chocolate moist 'thank You' cake with ganache and simple daisy deco,

or express your gatitude and appreciation with this cake,

and many more, you can do all things, express love, happiness, appreciation, with cakes and cupcakes, sweet, deliciously and beautifully decorated 'heaven on earth' creations produced with TLC from the small kitchen of cekmekzue

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