Monday, April 23, 2012

simple yet scrumptious dinner

my dinner for the last few nights or was it weeks? i can't remember cos it's been a while since I last cooked a proper meal, wait a minute, last night i did, with ikan termenung masak asam pedas, but no picture for that unfortunately.
What can be seen in this picture are: 

terung goreng cabai and bawang, very simple dish, as simple as can be, frankly i don't eat 'terung' but hubby does, so I made this specially for him.

dinner is incomplete without sambal belacan and the easiest and simplest, and almost available ulam anytime in the fridge is cucumber.if i want to use other types of 'ulam', I would have to plan in advance and go to the market to get the fresh ones like, pucuk daun ketereh or ulam raja, etc.
this meat curry is a modified version from the leftover gravy of the 'kari tulang rusuk' from yesterday's dinner. It was so delicious and i still have some gravy left and why throw away something that can still be consumed and so i cut my 'daging batang pinang' into thin slices and boil them before mixing it with this gravy and i got myself a new dish, still as delicious and can also eat this with roti canai.
sambal udang, or if i am bored with udang, i just change it with squids, using the same recipe.
this fish, i am not sure what its actual name is but we call it 'bawal emas' probably because of its 'stiff' price per kg or perhaps because of its goodness. This fish is a favourite among us, best fried when you are about to serve the rice, eat it when it is still hot, within minutes, you can see just the bones, we eat like piranhas, eating their minute its there, the next, delicious......

last but not least, the steamy, hot white rice, nothing beats a home cooked meal, eat among your family in the comfort of your own home. bon appetit!

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