Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Volvo three tiered

naaahh, I don't think it sounded like this, well, that is mostly the sound made by kids during their playtime if we asked them to imitate driving a car with the imaginary steering wheel in their hand ,turning left and right , ( without giving any signal, i presume...hehe..... )
But, if this is a Volks, i would definitely know how it sounded like, or an Alfa Romeo, would recognise the sound from afar.
This mission was very daunting, ever since I agreed to their request, i had been asking myself, can i do it? Can i really do it? what if it didn't turn out the way I had wanted it, or worse still it didn't look anywhere near the real thing.
But I am not about to run away from challenge, in fact i quite look forward to it.As the day, 7th April drew closer i was beginning to feel anxious, I had been planning to make it earlier using the cakes that I kept in the chiller, as a trial run but something always came up and i never got around to doing it until the very last minute.

besides the Volvo cake, they also requested me to make them their hantaran cupcakes
and 100 pieces of blueberry cheesetarts , individually packed.
with the day drawing near, ( i had coloured the white fondant with the forest green colour and made the tyres too), i started baking the vanila cake, cut into half, put one half on top of the other and started carving ( after leaving it a few hours in the fridge)
This was how it looked like underneath the forest green coloured fondant,
meanwhile I prepared the bottom tier too, a 10inch Devil's food cake with chocolate ganache filling, covered with forest green fondant too with very simple and minimal deco with black blossoms.
plus the middle tier, six carrot walnut cupackes with the same colour theme, forest green and white ( without the black) but i did wrap the cake board with black ribbon.
from another angle, it di look a bit like the car in the picture ( their car ) a V40 Volvo, in a cute kind of way.....hehe.....it had its tail light, rear mirrors, tyres with rims, registration number, edible from top to bottom.........
waiting for the owner to collect their V40 volvo......
Aimie and shukri, may you both be happily married, be blessed with cute children. it had been my pleasure making these cakes for you, thank you for trusting me to make these special cakes for your special day. by the way, the lauk kenduri was delicious, and thank you too for the lovely comments from your fellow Volvo gang too.... I am glad they 'approved'

part of the text message:
"geng2 Volvo club kedah ckp cake volvo 2 superb".....


  1. Hello Zue, Holy Smoke! You are good! I am very impressed! A Volvo cake! First time I see a car cake too.
    I can tell you, not many would dare try this.....ha ha.
    Only the best of the best, the Top Guns of cake baking experts dare try and be successful. Otherwise, empat tire ponchet! Ha ha.

    I have always loved the sounds of an Alfa Romeo, on 3rd gear at 5600 RPM.
    Or when changing down. I used to love driving from Alor Star, taking that kampong road, da lupa nama that road, very narrow, lots of military trucks those days....to Grik, then to Jeli, KB, Kelantan.

    And the h'way no speed limit....it was just fantastic to hear the echo of my Alfa Romeo's loud, raspy sounds echoing off the mountain sides. Lupa nama girlfriends, ha ha.
    My Alfa was highly tuned too, with special modifications done to it.

    But nothing beats an open top lipstick red MGB sports car.
    Especially bila ada bulan terang going around Penang Island around midnight. Beside me, a long haired sarong kebaya lady....Habis cherita!
    Ha ha ha.
    You have fun, Zue....stay beautiful.

  2. Hello Lee! It took me days wondering how to make this 'Volvo'cake, when i first agreed, i was not sure whether I could pull it or not but I did not want to disappoint my customer. all I knew was that I had to do so some carving, and i had to make sure the tayar won't ponchet (your spelling) or pancit ( Dewan Bahasa spelling). I used cookies for the tyres .Phew! they looked good.the rest, just trial and error and luckily the volvo did look somewhat similar to the groom's car.another 'phew!"
    fortunately I received very positive comments from the newly weds.
    i missed our alfa.Its engine is distinct, just love the sound when I pushed the pedal down, it is so manly, so rugged and yet, i still maintain my feminity driving it My hubby always says that it suits me because the pedal is close to one another ( i suddenly remember the scene from Pretty woman where Julia Robert was describing the Lotus to Richard Gere).You sama lah dengan encik hubby I Lee, suka drive along the timor barat highway in that alfa because of the jalan yang bengkang bengkok , dia suka bila cornering.......shifting gear, etc....you make me missing my alfa Romeo.....
    never been in an open top lipstick red MGB sports car-:(, I am sure, kalau nak kereta tu, habis cerita lah.....
    You take care Lee, customer just collected her 'hello kitty' cupcakes, macaroni au gratin and marble cheese brownies. on to my next order, a chocolate cake for my customer's mother's birthday.
    Ciao Lee! have a beautiful thursday!

  3. Salam Zue...

    Singgah kemari inspired by Uncle Lee...
    kagum usaha kamu ni...akan singgah lagi nanti..
    take care!

  4. Salam kembali Queenie!
    terima kasih sudi singgah ke mari, kalau next time singgah togeder geder with uncle Lee, we can all have some cookies with tea or coffee in my little kitchen.

    hope to see you again and will drop by in your kitchen soon, gotta deco one chocolate cake sat.
    You take care too dear!