Saturday, April 21, 2012

A friend from Saudi and another from Perak.

She is in saudi, but we do keep in touch with one another almost daily, via facebook. Me, her, and about 80 other mothers, teachers, doctors, surgeons, lecturers, architects, accountants, managers, lawyers, hotelier, bankers, entrepeneurs, etc, who reside locally here in Malaysia:- in Trengganu, negeri Sembilan, Johor, sarawak, KL, Perak, Penang, kedah, ( yours truly ), and globally :-Saudi, Kuwait, India, London, who went to the same school as me, way back in the 80s, late 70s and early 80s exchange news daily, happy or sad, bitter sweet, anything that comes to mind, within this group, we are free to express everything and anything under the sun, sometimes we just post a few lines to say "hai" to one another,all thanks to facebook.

Thank you Ti for remembering me though we are far, oceans apart....
she came back for just a brief visit, visited her MIL in alor Setar.
one MCB for the family and the chocolate cupcakes to bring back for your daughters back in Saudi.
thank you too for the ole ole from Saudi, the dates, the pistachios and the sweet treats.This was one sweet memory, a visit from an old friend.

however, yesterday, we received a very sad news , a friend posted about the passing of our old classmate, I first heard the news from my friend in KL who called me to inform the news. it was sudden, yes, death waits for no one, not one second more or one second less.She was not in the chat group, for a reason only she knew.The group is open to everyone from our batch and we invited everyone to be in but a few choose not be involved and we respect their decisions.

We did not even know that she's been suffering from breast cancer. I had not met her for a long time, since we last left our school, but i still remember her as that sweet, innocent and very nice young girl, whom we always like to tease ( tease, not bully ) the kind of tease that would make her blush. we teased her with the new teacher, and we knew that she liked him.

I will always have that image of her in my mind, still sweet seventeen, straight short hair, just above the shoulder, round rim glasses and wearing the school pinafore. Zahorin Nordin or Yen as we used to call her, semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat keatas beliau dan menempatkan arwah bersama sama orang orang yang beriman. AlFatihah.


  1. Hello Zue, very interesting as well impressive about having all these professional friends keeping in touch.
    Regret about that friend who passed on due cancer.
    Ya, what with FB, Tweeter, etc, no excuses not keeping in touch, unlike old days of paper, pen and post office.
    Have a pleasant weekend, Zue.

  2. Hello Lee, I am trying not to be too hooked on facebook cos I have zillions of things to do but I try my best to keep in touch with friends, sometimes I just read their chitchat and laugh with them and sometimes i left my marks here and there, thru FB, learning of their accomplishments, about their children, the latest gossips,sharing jokes and recipes, etc. it was nice, feel like old times, like we are still seventeen, maybe for some, the size has doubled or tripled, but not our mind, still the bubbly happy go lucky sweet seventeen schoolgirls from a boarding school in johor. the talk, the conversation that we used to have in our dormitories before the light went out at 10.30 !or the laughter that we shared on the basketball court while watching James Bond movies under the moon and stars ( open theatre lee! )
    and yes, we shared both laughter and tears then and now. It's just a reminder that life is short, and we don't know what the future holds for us, so it's best to love everyone around us,( make love, not war ) spend the most time that we can with our loved ones, cos we never know our 'time'.
    Frankly Lee, i prefer the old style, the letters, the aerograms, the simple notes or messages passed through friends ( sometimes using perfumed paper ) it is more romantic and more personal, you know, the old school way.
    Gotta go, thanx Lee for dropping by, still a few more 'birds' to sculpt and mould.
    Have a beautiful sunday, Lee!

  3. Al-Fatihah for your friend zue...
    got to run now, will come again later hehehe....

  4. thank you for dropping by Queenie even tho' for a short while, hope to 'catch' you later! tata titi tutu......

  5. Hi Zue, I tada Tweeter or Facebook except my pondok. Chukup la.
    Or else my wife will go chari someone else, ha ha.
    Glad you can see the light and keep your focus.
    Zue, you one of a kind.
    Have a nice weekend, watch the speed limit.