Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beetle oh Beetle....

Classic beauty......a head turner, a looker, by both the old and the young.
are they looking at 'it' or the person behind the wheel?Definitely the former, for she's a beauty, even though the model is from the 70s but it sure does beat the new models, it's compact, it's tough, rugged and it sure can beat a 'kancil' any day ....
most people underestimate its power, whenever they see this "kura kura", they would surely give a signal or making a sign to overtake her but oh no you don't, this beauty just let out her 'motor boat' roar, its distinct sound and off she goes, leaving them behind .....
I have been driving her these past few days, from taking the kids to school, to buying my eggs, cream cheese and butter, from fetching my son from the airport to meeting friends at the Karnivall Kahwin Kahwin at the Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium and also to attending to customer's wedding.

i am just relating one incident the other day, being an almost a warga emas i really that old?, keep forgetting things, I have this short memory loss of forgetting where I keep my things or what do I need to get from the kitchen , etc, etc...and on this particular day, I was supposed to send my daughter to her tuition center and I asked the kids to look for the car key for me for it is not in its normal place,
'Hurry up! We are already late, where's the car key? when I looked out, and noticed that the car was not there, it was not at its usual parking spot either , aik. no car key and now, no car? then I remembered hubby drove the car for its long overdue servicing.......
and so I took this key, with its Eiffel tower key chain, yup , my dream is to go to Paris one day..... and when I opened the gate and looked out the gate, my volks was nowhere in sight? %*^&@##??? What? how? why?
where's the car?Where's my old Beetle? i came back in and there she was, right where my hubby left it, in the 'porch' in its usual spot.OMG! What's got into me? age is sure creeping up on me!!
so, what's the moral of the story?
not much just, breathe in, breathe out, take it easy, jangan kelam kabut.....relax....take a deep breath.......and let go.........eeeeasssyyy..........


  1. Hi Zue, I sure love that Beetle! She's really gorgeous....!
    Apa lagi, add owner in fitting designer Oscar de La Renta slacks, Jimmy Choo heels, Dior handbag.....and of course the Valentino sunglasses....
    People sure nak want to overtake, see 2 beauties.

    Hope one day soon I can visit Alor Star see and designer slacks, blouse, sit in this beautiful, mint condition VW.
    And yes, VW's make distinct sounds....unmistakable.
    I bet the town sees this car know who it belongs to....

    Hey Zue, I think you better relax, you working too hard.....
    Get hubby take you and family away for weekend or week? Maybe go Hua Hin, have Thai food, tengok bulan naik....
    Macham haneybulan? Ha ha.
    You have a pleasant weekend.
    Stay beautiful, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

  2. She's a beauty alright,lee, a few have made some offers for it but we are not willing to let it go just yet, nantilah at least , let you naik dia dulu ronda ronda alor setar.....we might not even let it go at all, so sayang..
    our friends know of course, it has really grown on us.
    susah mau pergi holiday now Lee, all three kids schooling, bila sekolah cuti, baking the moment Thailand, is out of the question after the hadyai Lee Garden bombing, the next target they said is Danok.hopefully not cos it is very close to our border.but sure would love to go to Hua hin , with the pool, orchid farm ( i went to one orchid farm or garden, in Bangkok a couple of years back, a beautiful place, lovely flowers.
    honeymoon? wonder what that means! haha......
    tunggu anak2 besar honeybulan ke Paris...Venice.......and canada?
    thanx for dropping by Lee, you too......take care...

  3. Hi Zue, ya, I understand....about saya the car. Here in Canada too, lots of people keep their cars, sometimes till they too old to drive, but refuse to sell, 'part of the family'....tiga generations drive the car.

    Keep the car, Zue....there's no more like it.
    A baby Porche, ha ha.
    Have a fun Sunday.

  4. hello and good morning Lee!
    i think we will definitelybkeep it, too many memories, and she's a beauty too, very rare not produced any more, making it a vintage.
    probably will pass it on to one of our kids.
    gotta do some packing, hubby is going outstation...again....., so nice of you to drop by and have a little chat.
    you take care and have a beautiful Sunday!