Saturday, April 14, 2012

pink and white ' lovebirds' design

How and what does it feel to be engaged? people say that during the engagement period, both the guy and the gal's blood is 'sweet'.....not literally sweet but this is the most testing period in their relationship. other people might want to interfere or 'kacau daun' with their fiance, the lady will look more beautiful and the guy will look more handsome or charming now, and if the feeling for each other is not strong, they might succumb to all the seduction, and the engagement might not lead to the marriage that they had hoped for, no happily ever after, no till death do us part, and no "Aku Terima nikahnya"...........
Being engaged also is not a ticket to allow both the female and the male to go out together freely without an escort,

jangan pandang pandang,
jangan pegang pegang,
duduk renggang renggang ,
bertambah sayang,
biar malu malu,
biar segan segan,
kerna malu itu perisai orang beriman.

i do agree with this song, "kalau berpacaran".
being engaged is not a green light which allows them to go out together, walking together side by side, holding hands, but according to one ustaz, he said, that they can go out together,
you go in your car and i go in mine!
that way, the devil won't have any chance to whisper sweet nothing into each other, persuading them to do the unwanted., which could lead them to getting 'unwanted baby', Nauzubillah.

again, how does it feel? I don't know, i never got engaged. it was straight to "aku terima nikahnya" and we were legally married, after several years of dating.
for some, the engagement period is the period to get to know one another, is there any chemistry between them? can she accept his goodness and flaws at the same time, and vice versa. is she the right woman for him and is he , the right man for her?
Hopefully, it is, and that is what most engaged couple would hope for, the first step to the right direction .
thank you Iza and "Selamat Bertunang " to Man and cnar.

Batrisyia's craft, vases from plasticine.

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