Saturday, April 28, 2012

hello kitty....

Do you think you can draw the same on my MCB? i suppose i could, only to add the birthday wish on the MCB.
hello kitty on cupcakes

love the ribbons, no wonder kids love this character, she is soooo adorable, 

two packs of macaroni au gratin ( meat with seafood) for the children.
two boxes of chocolate cupcakes with ganache and Hello Kitty deco, two packs of MAG, to be shared with her daughter's friend at her school, to celebrate her daughter's 4th birthday.

She chose white pink and red, as in hello kitty colours.

two different designs for the birthday girl. Happy 4th birthday Nurakmar, may you always be a bundle of joy to your parents.thank you Azlina for trusting me, for making me part of this special day. hope your daughter had a wonderful time with her friends at school, and your friend, niza enjoyed her MCB at your office.

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