Monday, March 19, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a Happy Tuesday to to all visiting, my blog, it could be your first time, or it could be your 'daily' visit here, whatever it is, you are all most welcome!

I have not been updating my blog as often as I had used to and sometimes i just posted the photos without any writings. I have been busy, or making myself busy, as a mother of three growing up children who go to three different schools ( the children, not the mother...hehe ) and since I am a home maker, it is my duty ( is it?, not, if I have a driver.....) to send them to schools and to fetch them from schools, three times a day because three different times!

( picture above: what i made the other night, one MCB, chocolate and vanila cupcakes plus chocolate chip cookies.)

brownies with walnut" Tahniah' wish for a not so newly wed couple, but nevertheless wish you both a happy and blessed marriage, to hafizah and partner.

Fancy that!Me, a home maker cum a driver, cum a baker, cum a cook, cum a cleaner. If an Indonesian maid gets paid Rm700 for a single task, how much do you think i should be paid for all the different tasks that i am doing everyday. Hmmmmmmmm.........but i am not an Indonesian, nor am I a maid, but a proud mum to my children so no amount of RM can pay me.....naaah, they can't afford me......

I think i have side tracked from the topic, yes, there is a delivery to KL for products which come out from Zue's Oven. sorry Lee, not as far as Toronto!! I am afraid....

My cakes had been going to KL via buses and collected at the designated bus station as agreed by the customers. So far, they had been satisfied with the services, no cakes cracked or figurines falling off the cakes ( i am referring to cakes with teddies or Wonder Pets characters on them), even the latest three tiered wedding cakes delivered last weekend arrived there safe and sound.

I had also sent boxes of cookies and brownies to KL and soon, this coming weekend a few boxes of MCB , ie marble cheese brownies will be boarding a bus to KL and the customer will pick them up at Hentian Duta.

Before, I am only doing this out of requests from my customers but since there is a demand for it, i am happy to inform here that should you , those not staying in Alor Star, feel like having cakes, cookies or brownies from my oven, feel free to call or email me and we can make the necessary arrangements.At the moment i can only cater to requests from KL. not from other places or states yet. oh,,, and Kota bharu too.

It gives me great joy and satisfaction knowing that someone, somewhere, is enjoying my box of marble cheese brownies or chocolate chip cookies, even my rainbow cake too, maybe having them for tea, or munching the cookies in front of the TV set or whatever it is that you are doing, Thank you for all the support.


  1. Hi Zue, I spent stengah jam going thru 5 of my previous postings to look for your name so I can klik and pop in here....couldn't locate where you were, your latest one cannot click....
    I then tried Google. Ahhhh, dapat you! Ha ha.
    I always visit or return visit to everyone who drops by my pondok....

    Anyway, always enjoy come here to view your creative cake displays.
    You sure a fantastic lady, 3 growing up kids, one hubby, tiga kuching, sill ada time buat this cake business.
    I can imagine your kitchen always has lovely cake scents.

    Zue, incidentally, if you need to slow down aging, have more energy, drop by my pondok....
    Okay I go investigate mana nama saya ada mention, ha ha.I will balek.

  2. Hi Zue, ha ha, I da dapat tengok. Very nice.....first time see a sexy cake, ha ha, kebaya pendek I suka.
    Terima kaseh seribu for the kind thoughts.....
    Love the cakes!
    If I kawain nombor dua, I tell you what Cake I nak.
    Ha ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Wowweeee zue! good for you! Mesti ramai lagi yang boleh order from you with this service. You kenal drebar bus tu ker Zue? kekeke

  4. Internet down for several days, cannot masuk blog, cannot 'visit' friends, cannot update photos also, Haaaaa Lee....'.if' you kahwin nombor dua, I don't want to make your cake for you, don't want to mess around with Mrs Lee!!!!!but if you want cakes for other occasions, shud be no problemo, bila mau balik Penang?

  5. good for me and good for those who would like to try out something which came out from my oven. Alhamdulillah, it's a good feeling knowing someone, soemwhere is enjoying my MCB or BWW or cookies, etc.....better still wiz, I know the owner!!!hehehe......