Monday, March 5, 2012

from 1st March till the 3rd

'netball' themed red velvet cupcakes, plus another set just for makan2, thank you farah
marble cheese brownies, 10 x 10 inches, thank you puan noormala.
16 m size chocolate cupcakes with red, white and gold hantaran set, thank you cik Nah
9 inch, sweet orangey, smelling, eggless orange cake, thank you Kakk has
five tiered wedding cake, with five different flavours, 7 inch orange cake, 8 inch red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, 9 inch chocolate cake with ganache filling, 10 inch vanila cake with strawberries filling and 9 inch rainbow cake with swiss meringue buttercream, as the cake bride and groom cake.Thank you Kak shikin from Labuan, who ordered these cakes for her brother's wedding in Bukit Tinggi, Kepala Batas.
last minute chocolate cake with ganache , order from CT for her sister's 2nd wedding anniversary
10 x 10 inch marble cheese brownies for Athira, thank you
9 x 9 inch banana walnut cake, plain but still as yummy for Simran, thank you
9 x 9 inch chocolate cake with ganache and edible image of Darren Chris for Marissa's 10th birthday, thank you Teacher Sharina
soft blue and soft yellow themed for this chocolate engagement cake for Sofia, thank you dear, there's a story behind this cake, as in a story for every cake but this one baffles me.

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