Friday, March 16, 2012

Angry birds.......grrrr.....

Four days notice for me to prepare this angry birds birthday cake, does it make me angry? no, it's the opposite. my second angry birds themed birthday cake, this time i seeked Batrisyia's assistance in making some of the characters because i was quite tight with other orders which I had accepted much earlier.
I made them a few days earlier, so that i could just assemble them on the day the cake was baked
the fallen bricks
the catapult
Batrisyia helped me with the green, blue birds and the eggs, thank you dear. I woldn't be able to complete them without her help because i was busy making the mini cakes and the three tiered cake at the same time
Alhamdulillah, the feed back i received from the customer:

"gorgeous la cake angry birds tu kak zue"

actually, she's the customers' sis in law but who made the order on their behalf. Thank you farah and thank you Farah's sis and bro-in-law, and Happy birthdays to the three heroes, the three brothers.


  1. Hi Zue, your cakes are really fantastic creations.....and I can just imagine the time and hours you put in for these delicious, outstanding cakes.
    Have fun, Zue, keep well.

  2. lee, it is always a pleasure having you around iin my virtual kitchen, admiring my cakes...hehe.....yup, the extra hour, the xtra neck pain but it was all worth it.
    i was having fun and am planning to have some more fun in making my cakes.
    You take care too Lee!