Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Fashionista" themed red velvet cupcakes

ermmmm. Mac? ana Shue? CD? Avon? Lancome? Clinique?
erkkkkk....none of the above,
not YSL or DKNY, just CMZ
What ? CMZ? Not CK?
nope, CMZ.....short for Cek Mek zue.....
Okay, LV? Gucci?Loewe, Birkins?PS? ( petaling Street), what's that worn by the Devil?
Prada?That pink perfume I know, konon kononnya Dior Addict, like mine, only mine is the one in the dark blue bottle
kebaya pendek, my favourite, i have a few in my closet , used to wear them but now they are hanging there,I know of a fren who loves to see SYTs in kebaya and sarung ( this one's for you , for a friend in Canada...wink wink )

I won't say that i am a 'soap' addict but I do watch the korean or Phillipine drama series if they happen to be aired during my 'work' time ( since there's a TV right in front of my 'work' station in the kitchen, and they had just finished both soaps last week and they both happen to have the same title" Stairway to heaven". i had been watching the same story but in different languages. i watched the Phillipne one because of the hero ( the same guy who was in "marimar", and the korean one, because the heroin was the lady from "winter Sonata", another one of my favourite korean drama ( because of the actor...) What I am trying to say here is about this "JEWELLERY BOX', suddenly it reminded me of the scene from these soaps, where they kept their HOPE and TRUST and HAPPINESS inside a box
Iinside this Jewellery box are the hearts of the loved one, they are the real gem, not diamonds, rubies or sapphires......
Here we are, my first interpretation of fashionista themed cupcakes, a request from a daughter, for her mama's birthday. Though it was such a short notice , less than 24 hours, with me, down with fever and flu and cough, i tried my best in order not to disappoint a young girl's wish.thank you Nurin, hope yor mama loves 'em.it is such a joy and pleasurable experience


  1. thanks so much, aunty! :) she loves it.