Monday, March 26, 2012

It's been a busy, hectic and tiring week but it's worth it.......

These BWW ( brownies with walnut ) were destined to be in KL, together with 6 MCBs ( marble cheese brownies). the weekend started with these brownies plus a few more cakes, whilst baking them, my mind was trying to figure out the deco for the other MCB and BWW which would be going to KL too the following day, they would not be as simple and as straight forward as these ones because the theme was Dora and Diego, I had not done 3D figurine for either of them before. Seen and heard them on TV, thanx to my daughter Batrisyia, i knew these characters , i could draw them on paper but 3D? that was really challenging!

10 boxes, securely wrapped and tied into four boxes
For each one ( not each box but each person ), i put an extra box underneath
thank you my Srikandi friends, Adeeb, Along, Anyah ( and Fizz too, my a Level friend ), Robi and Angah.
which consist of these, blueberry cheesetarts, chocolate chip cookies and melting moments.

simple red alphabets on white fondant on cream cheese frosted red velvet cake
thank you Faiqah

"Zue, depa cakap kek ni sedap lah....."
thank you Kak Maziah
red velvet in slices, topped with cream cheese...yummm
waiting to board the 11.30 pm bus, going to Hentian duta
'Zue, suke suke suke sgt. so d very comel
hid them in the air-cond room, can't wait to see their faces
ha....nampak nampak....Soraya dah asyik tak tahan je, geram je....tak sabar...hehehe...."
thank you Mum, my srikandi friend.
"Salam auntie zue.thank you very2 much for the cupcakes. all the celebrated people tanya miza, " kalau x nak mkn cupcakes ni blh x? Cantik sgt!":D syukur to hear them liked n felt happy when they accept it.:-):-);-)
so in return, miza doakan auntie zue dn sekeluarga selamat dunia dan akhirat, dimurahkan rezeki dn dikurniakan kesejahteraan sentiasa".......
part of the really sweet, innocent and heart warming sms that I received from her,

each box of chocolate cupcakes in individual paper bag, thank you Miza and thank Mista for showing me how to make that small, cute ribbon.
" owh, she adores it!!! Sgt sgt hepi..Thanx for ur great design! :)
thank you Natrah...

6 MCBs and 4 BWWs, boarded a bus going to Hentian Duta to my Srikandi friends.

thank you thank you all for the endless support, for enjoying them, be it for you or your loved ones, to be given to friends and clients, for makan2, or for birthdays, or in conjunction of a special day.
To be a singer, I don't have the voice, ( can sing in the toilet only )to be a model, I don't have the height, but to bake delicious ,scrumptious and yummilicious cakes, brownies, cheesecakes and cookies, insyaallah I am able to do them. Back ache? body ache? sleepless and restless nights, it's part and parcel of doing this but the result? It puts a smile on my face, if it puts a smile on the recipients' faces. The feedbacks and comments that I recieved either via phone calls or text messages just made up for all the pain, and the lack of sleep. would I do it again? and why not? over and over again I would..........:-)


  1. Hello Zue, I thought first glance BMW, ha ha.
    You never fail to impress me with your outstanding creations. You sure you not a graduate of Swiss finishing school? Ha ha.

    I love your creations, always very original, and anytime can see with your special TLC touches.
    Thats what makes your cakes in demand and enjoyed by people far and near.

    Holy Smoke! Even your packages look classy! Macham designer....
    Yes, can see why you busy....its the various touches you do to your creations....then the boxes, wrappings...
    I'm sure that apa nama tu....Prince Edward kawain? She'll be impressed too, ha ha.
    Zue, you one of a kind!

    Makes me wonder how I did not cross your path, to think I used to go Alor Star every month too, back in the 80s.
    Ahhh, but you still in Standard 6. Ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Zue, stay beautiful.

  2. Hello Lee!!!! How was your 'visit' to Penang? you tarik our kaki ya.... so nakal.....
    I wish it is a BMW too, though I am happy with my VW and MB. No more AR ( alfa Romeo.......sob sob ).Swiss finishing school..... I wish.....
    no, just a UEL graduate from UK, graduated with BA (Hons) finance with Accounting, but ends up baking cakes!!!
    yes, I do love making them packages, my hubby knows that I am crazy over kotak /boxes, memang suka giler....I love looking at nice, sweet and beautiful things and i am sure the recipients of these packages will be excited too, hopefully.
    I am not that young Lee, the 80s, i am already in my teens and late 80s in the university, having the time of my life going to concerts at Wembley stadium and Wembley Arena, besides studying, of course, whilst you were busy with your SYTs, no wonder our path didn't cross. by the way I wasn't in alor Star in the 80s, I was in Johor Bharu, Kelana Jaya and then London!!!
    anyway, so nice of you to drop by, even after your 'hectic visit' back in Penang:-)
    take care Lee!

  3. Hi Zue, hey! You were in JB in the 80s? Holy Smoke! I was there too, stayed at Bukit Serene very close to that rumah besar, you know who, ha ha, and close to Mechinta hotel, night club too.

    I guessed as much you overseas educated. Outstanding credentials you have, Zue. I am impressed! Wow! Honest degree, buka tipu punya, ha ha. Just joke joke, ya.

    Missed you twice because of age, ha ha. JB and England, ha ha.
    Never mind, I will go to Alor Star bila balek kampong one day.
    You can take me for a drive in that cute VW.

    Zue, check your the cake recipe, ada dua, only for you.
    Send me telegram if you make.
    You stay young, keep well, jangan lupa tu chilli merah lipstick.

  4. hai again Lee1 yup.five wonderful teenage years in JB, followed by more wonderful and interesting years in KL, and even more exciting years, in the UK, in the north East of London.entering my adulthood and found my other half, cos our paths, yours and mine, did not cross then....haha..
    The "honours' degree, yeah, took me by surprise too, but thanx to my 'charm' with the lecturers. Accountancy, was not my first choice, I wanted to do TESL actually, but managed to sail through, with a Degree, thankfully.
    Just drove my VW to buy some eggs, butter and cream cheese for more cake making, hubby drove my MB to KL, that VW is a looker too, people would take a second look at it, every time, young or old, are they looking at it or at the person behind the wheel? hmmmmm.... i wonder....... just kidding.
    anytime Lee, I will take you for a ride in that cute Beetle of mine
    se se ni, arigato, merci, thank you so very much for the recipe, will try to make it one day.....when is that one day, my customer been asking about it, I myself am wondering how it taste like, and thanx for the bonus recipe too!!
    will let you know once it is done, definitely will telegram you, send you the aroma by air.......
    you stay cool, stay happy , and hey, how do you know, just bought the 'True Red' cololur always say that.....whoa so panjang this reply, actually sleepy, tak cukup tido but still a few more last minute orders to make, so see you
    take care!

  5. Hi Zue, I just copied your ayam Minangkbau curry. I sure love that.
    Would love to eat that one day. I can practically get the beautiful scent of your rempah.

    Wow! I am very impressed with your credentials. Ha ha, I was in England in '64. You still in Standard 6.
    Yes, that old VW will not only turn heads, but brings back memories to people.

    My father had one. Here people call it a 'baby Porche'.
    The new model also cute, more power.
    Ha ha, I bet they looking at the lady in her Oscar de la Renta sunglasses driving that VW.

    You take your time re the 2 cakes....but send me telegram when you do.
    You have a nice weekend, Zue. Stay young, stay beautiful.

  6. Hello Lee!that ayam masak minangkabau sure gives spicy aroma to your kitchen with a mixture of jintan manis, jintan putih ketumbar, etc, nice to eat it with plain hot white rice or even with ketupat too as, rendang.This is one of my favourite recipes.please let me know when you have tried it out ya.
    1964? where was I? still not born yet lah Lee!!!
    This old Beetle sure does have lots of memories, beautiful and otherwise, remeember when I wrote in my story during the flood in 2010? the blaring horn, that is just to name a few but yes, it does have its beautiful moments.
    Actually hubby proposed to buy me the new Bettle. it was very cute alright but how do I carry my cakes to be delivered?nah, not practical.
    that lady driving the old VW is older than the model itself and she's been wearing her Gucci sunglasses like Oscar de la Renta, wearing her Dior Addict perfume.the smell that lingers on evenwhen you have left the room......

    Actually I am taking toooooo much time, still haven't got around to making it yet, but will do, of course.
    you have a good week ahead Lee, prepare yourself for the coming summer, by the way, have you got your new 'trunk'?should i be ready with my sunglasses on , just in case it's the golden one or should I use my reading glasses( which I might be needing soon ) if you buy the newspaper one?haha....
    take care!