Friday, March 9, 2012

off they went to Taiping

50 individually boxed mini vanila cakes ready, to be delivered to Sg Petani, before they would make their way to the final destination, Taiping for a wedding function on sunday.
this is how they look like before going into the box, individually covered with white fondant , tied with soft purple ribbon, and decorated with white and purple flowers with a touch of silver dregee to meet their colour theme requirement of purple,white and silver
packed in a made to measure, specially designed hand made paper as the base and transparent plastic cover to ensure the mini cake snug comfortably and nicely in it.
two different shades of purple ribbons and further decorated with a touch of bling bling, to add more elegance to the decoration
as a door gift for the VIP guests to the function
Hopefully they will reach Taiping safely , thank you Kak Ina for trusting me with this super cute and mini wedding cakes. It's been a pleasure.

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