Friday, March 16, 2012

variety is the spice of life

Made this MCB for my srikandi friend, we played a little game while chatting in the Facebook, it's called, 'guess the artist name". My other friend posted a video /song of an indonesian male singer and i said that i really do like one indonesian Lady singer, as popular as the male singer in that era, the 80s, late eighties, early 90s when i was still studying. A few of my friends tried to guess, and somehow, two of them managed to get it right, well, actually only one got it right but i was feeling generous that day and so i said, i will bake one for Mum, the one who gave the right answer, and another, for intan who also tried to guess the singer's name which is Dina Panduwinata. So I baked one MCB and one BWW and brought them to KL on 14th March to another Srikandi friend's house for a mini get together. it was a blast. Thank you Anyah for being a wonderful host and it was fun meeting Adeeb, Along and nizah too, besides Mum and Intan.
This box of red velvet cupcakes with simple deco was delivered to her sister's office in Jalan Teluk Wanjah on the morning of the day we were leaving for KL. thank you Yani and sister.
Just a simple 'HEPI BDAY ' message for my son's friend who celebrated his birhtday.
a double the size appple pie for simran, thank you dear
eggless orange cake for Simran, her repeat order. thank you dear for always supporting me

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