Friday, March 16, 2012

minnie's ribbon

on a pink fondant covered carrot walnut cake
this design, chosen by my customer, taken from another cake design and therefore i will not take full credit for this cake, the credit should go to the first person who created it.

always a pleasure dealing with Yda, and thank you again for trusting me with Arianna's 3rd birthday. happy 3rd birthday arianna, may you always be a bundle of joy to your parents and be a good sister to your adik too....


  1. k.zue..kek sggh cntk n sedap gila..smua org suka..ayah yda yg tak suka kek pon suka..
    tima ksh byk2 ok..:)

  2. you are most welcome Yda, it's been my pleasure and i am so glad even the father likes it, i am soooo happy....sama sama kasih.....