Wednesday, March 21, 2012

just another day...doing her thing

using the internet as her teacher and guide to teach her to sketch, her fav character ( one of, actually, she has so many favourites from barbie to winx club to conan the detective)
after attending a kenduri in our taman, she continued with her sketch, a final touch up, a little shading here and there
and there you are, detective conan, 100% sketched and shaded by Batrisyia, an artist in the making..... I think.....


  1. This young girl sure has her mom's traffic stopper looks!
    And that smile when she's 18 can be deadly to men! Ha ha.
    How you doin, Zue?

    Busy? Hey, take time to sniff the bungas....
    Salam ceria selalu dan jangan lup gembira di hati.
    Bagaikan sentiasa kedengaran alunan lagu merdu.

  2. Ahhh Leeee, you are tooooo kind......
    only at 18 meh?ha ha back to you, that same year that I received 18 pink roses with the exception of one artificiall one which symbolises the endless you know what......
    anyway,How am I doing, been busy, extremely, feel like a zombie, the journey was tiring but the end result is very satisfying.
    I don't have time to sniff flowers but am sniffing the aroma of my cakes and cookies daily, how's thst?

    love having you around to brighten up any gloomy day, you stay cool too and take care

  3. Kelakar la uncle Lee ni kan? Anyway, she is very talented and it is so good to know she has a good hobby, one that occupies her productively. And her drawing is cantik!

  4. Salam Wiz! he is one funny guy, indeed, but always enjoy his company in my 'kitchen'.
    Drawing and colouring always keep her busy, and she always ask me if I am free, so that she wants me to teach her how to make all those fondant figurines....:-))thank you for the compliment, I am sure she'll be very happy when I tell her