Thursday, April 14, 2011

sup cendawan, if only I knew.....

this simple lunch menu was prepared amidst my busy day of making the three sets of cupcakes( with lots and lots of figurines, from Sin chan to Spongebob to Dora the Eplorer and Pooh, three cakes , busy or not, still need to eat and still need to get the right balance diet, right?
first time tried this mushroom soup, and its taste is divine! if only I knew I would have made this before, didn't know that cendawan tasted that good
big prawns sambal , the reason for my son took his second helpings
since I was out of time, already had the gravy/sambal from the prawns and soup from the mushroom and carrot, I just deep fried the crabs ( fresh from the market, all the way from Kuala Perlis which hubby bought the previous night),

and not forgetting the hard boild eggs for my youngest,

simple yet tasty and deeeelicious.........

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