Friday, April 29, 2011

pink and white sets

the brownies were done and so I started making the preparation for the next order which was the turqoise and pink engagement cupcakes, when I received this call,
"Mek, dah siap kek?"
What cakes? werent' they were for Saturday?,
no, the ceremony is tomorrow and so I need them latest by tonight.... did I get the date wrong, or did he not mention the actual date, or since all my orders were for 1st May and so I assumed that his were also for that date

he left everything to me, what types of cakes, the deco and the design, and the budget long as they are reasonable, so fo a limited time permissible, I could only think of vanilla cake, the easiest and the fastest and yummy too, sandwiched with blueberries filling in between the four layers

with a simple message "Selamat Bertunng Ina and Man " on a fondant covered vanilla cake

plus another set of nine mini chocolate cake with the same theme, pink and white

complete with a transparent box with ribbons and flowers of the same colour theme.fortunately I managed to complete both on time, close to midnite

thank you Budin, and Selamat Bertunang wish to Ina and Man.

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