Saturday, April 23, 2011

Get well soon dear Friend

Get Well Soon Dear Friend

brownies with walnut for my dear friend in seremban


  1. Hello Zue, for a moment I thought it is a designer handbag. Its beautiful that wrapping! A bit like batik too.
    You really one very creative lady.....sentimental too, and best of all, a heart of gold.
    Stay young Zue, and keep a song in your heart.

  2. Hello back to you Lee! A designer handbag? wow! that's a sure know your way with words, no wonder those SYTs , with or without wedding band on their fingers fell 'two moons' over you!
    Creative, I hope I am, sentimental, you got that right, and yes, this brownies is for a very special close friend who has been diagnosed with cancer, went to visit her in Seremban last week, such a strong woman, putting up a brave and happy face in front of us, we can see happiness in her smile but sadness in her eyes. We all can only pray for her, hope she is strong enough to fight it.
    Always enjoying your company here in my little kitchen.There's always a song or two, in my heart, either Bryan Adam's or whitesnake's.....or perhaps Marc Anthony's "My baby you".....
    take care Lee!