Thursday, April 14, 2011

another day's work

in her list, there were 16 vanila cupcakes with buttercream, ok

16 carrot walnut with fondant, that should be okay too,plus

16 cupcakes with 8 different cartoon characters, whoa, i had never made these many figurines n one go before, but I am not the person to shy away from a cake challenge, but as writers experience writers block, I guess in this case, I experienced the same, so what should I call this block? cake decorator's block?:-) I could figure out how to do most of the figurines, except for one, perhaps you could have guessed which one. 16 cupcakes with figurines, two of each, which I prepared a few days earlier and finished decorating them on the cupcakes the night before
16 vanilla cupcakes with buttercream deco, started decorating these in the morning,

followed by these 16 carrot walnut with cream cheese frosting and fondant deco one chocolate moist for which her mum ordered for 'makan makan' with her grandchildren ( an additional order from the list )
one fruit cake ( this was the second one, the first one got burnt! human error )with buttercream roses and silver dregees ( similar design with the one we did in the class, except for the colour, change from purple to red )
this is the one,
these 'forbidden' comic books came to the rescue, they did come in handy at times like this. This title plus many other 'manga' comic books, from Naruto to Doraemon, to endless lists of titles, has been and still is, my kids' favourite read around the house, at every available opportunity, they would purchase these comic books and read at any available time and place. Even when we go back to kampung, they would bring these comic books with them and read in the car, and upon reaching their cousins house, would lock themselves in their cousins' room or while sitting on the sofa in the living room, continue reading there, plus the books that their cousins had too!

During my time, my childhood time, the only comic book that was allowed in the house are the BEANO book or DANDY, and Enid Blyton stories.....
kids coming home for lunch soon so, had to stop decorating the cakes and cupcakes and made them this simple but deeelicious lunch ( as the way Batrisyia described her hard boiled eggs....deeeelicius, mummy )
in between baking and decorating these cakes and cupcakes the previous night, came a request for 'kek gula hangus' from hubby dearest, after he smelled the burnt fruit cake in the oven! ( that is another story to tell)
made this additional chocolate cake in case she need this for her roses
tools and buttercream for her roses demo, red buttercream with rose nozzle, and green buttercream for the leaf, one rose holder, a few cones and four coloured fondants as per her request, to be used for her demo session.
these whole set, three boxes of cupcakes, two cakes plus one chocolate cake for her demo, and a basket of tools, to be driven to KL by her parents for the big day, good luck Lin and thank you to both Lin and her mum, kak ani.

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