Saturday, April 16, 2011

one busy thursday.....

From my little oven, came out all these in one day, 130 M size vanilla cupcakes with simple buttercream deco in a square casing complete with a purple ribbon glued to each one,thank you Nik ( thank you Ameer tolong mama put these cuppies in the casing, thank you Tsara' tolong clear the sink and thank you Batrisyia for always sounding so concern, takut mama letih, and thank you abah for supporting mama, always....., muah muah.....)
in between baking the order, I had some banana ( pisang emas ) so, decided to try out this banana muffin recipe from " little Cakes" and it turned out gorgeous! just perfect, for me, not too sweet, could feel the walnut inside and I finished four in one go, so good to eat it fresh and hot from the oven.....
brownies with walnut for hubby's friend
chocolate chip cookies in square containers sealed and tied with simple ribbon as goodies for 'merisek', thank you J
simple floral design marble cheese brownies for Athirah, thank you dear,
an impromptu and additional order by J, she came to collect her cookies and saw the 130 cupcakes on my table, plus the other order ( purple and white fondant deco ) and decided to add another item to the 'merisek' goodies list, and so she requested me to prepare this nine cupcakes with simple purple and white buttercream deco, which she came to collect later, thank you J.
25 M size vanilla cupcakes with full fondant topping and deco for a merisek cum engagement ceremony for my neighbour, thank you Cik Nah and daughter, Naimah and congratz to the son,

teringat lagu "kalau berpacaran" ( suhaimi Meor HAssan, ana Rafali and Altimet),

kalau berpacaran, jangan tunggu lama2,

kalau dah berkenan, jumpalah ayah dan mama,

hantarlah rombongan meminang dengan segera,

kalau kau terlambat, kekasihmu disambar buaya,

boleh pandang pandang,

jangan pegang pegang,

duduk renggang renggang,

bertambah sayang

biar malu malu

biar segan segan,

kerna malu itu perisai orang beriman.

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