Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happy birthday mama Oreo chocolate cheesecake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA, a simple three words message but deep in meaning, from a beautiful daughter, no, not one beautiful daughter, but two, one, just gave birth to a cute baby girl and the other, counting the days to her 'big' day. These are the daughters that I knew but I think they have other siblings, another sister, or sisters if I am not mistaken.

The initial plan was for me to deliver this oreo cocolate cheesecake to her mum's office but since her mum was attending a course elsewhere, they came and collect it instead.

nothing could bring a smile to a mother's face than the thoughfulness of her children, I am sure it is every mothers' hopes and dreams to raise such beautiful and warm hearted children. the love that they have for one another,could be felt in the air.

thank you Yana and Ifa for trusting me again, for your mum's birthday, forever sweet 17 to Puan Zaidah, may you always be blessed with good health and happiness

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