Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hanya sebuah senyuman yang menggambarkan....

sebuah kegembiraan yang baru dikecapi,

they were engaged a couple of months back with maroon theme and this time for her wedding, she decided to go for brown and gold her order was very specific, gold and brown for the two tiered cake and gold and white for the hantaran cake. Not any gold or brown but as shown in the samples

top tier, blueberries filling and buttercream sandwiched in between three layers of vanila cake

ready to dirty ice it as said by buddy the 'cake boss' before later smoothing it with more buttercream.

this is what they would look like on the cake cutting table at the bride's house .The deco , she wanted me to do it similar to the one I did with the purple and white two tiered cake, minus the bride and groom topper.

tier, decorated with matching gold colour with a touch of brown.

matching pair of knife set

top tier, covered with white fondant, for the top, homemade gumpaste roses, which I made a couple of days earlier but for the border, I used buttercream gold and brown roses. I thought using 'gold' and 'chocolate brown' colour as written on the bottle, I would get the colour that I wanted but after having used almost the whole small bottle, I still couldn't get the exact colour. in order not to disappoint my customer for not getting the colour that she specifically requested, I decided to call the owner of the picture sample which my customer had given me, thank you Chepah for sharing on how to get the gold and chocolate brown colour.

bottom tier, chocolate moist cake with ganache filling and covered with white buttercream and decorated with gold and chocholate brown buttercream roses.
this cake has a story to tell, not by me, but by Yati's nephew...the day she returned the tier, she shared with me some of her wedding day stories which I think was kinda sweet. It would later be memories for her and something that her little nephew would not forget.

After collecting her cakes one day before her wedding day ( which she and her husband drove ever so carefully and slowly so as not to spoil the cakes ), she placed the cakes in her room but had forgotten to lock the door, having so many things on her mind, locking the door was the last thing she would think of, tomorrow being her big day and all, without anyone's knowledge, a curious five year old boy slowly made his way into the room knowing that his aunty just brought back three see through boxes filled with cakes, cakes with icing, soft, sweet, finger licking icing!yum yum yummy........

'"mmmm they look yummy, I'd love to taste them...

let me feel the softness of the icing.."...... must be what was going through his mind when he did what he did.....

one finger mark was not enough it seemed and he left three small finger marks on the bottom tier cake ( the top tier was spared because it was covered with fondant) as was the evidence later discovered by the bride who was very, I am telling you...very upset about the little incident.

Every bride would want her cakes, her gowns, her hantaran, her pelamin, her wedding ring to be perfect, flawless. this was their special day, their being the ' raja and permaisuri sehari' / king and queen for a day.Nothing should spoil it, not even a smeared cake, ESPECIALLY , not a smeared cake!

But then again, this little little incident could be the most, the sweetest memories that they could live to share with their children later in life,

" see, that cousin of yours ( showing to the little nephew when he's all grown up ) spoilt mama's wedding cake", you could tell your litle children maybe, a few years from now while looking through your wedding photos:-).

She told me that all the cakes were gone so quickly that she only managed to get a few bites . These words were the sweetest,these words were the reasons why I am doing this, their satisfaction would be my happiness. i am sure other bakers and cake decoraters felt the same way,
I am truly blesses to be able to do this, to bring joy and happiness to others through my creations, but I am not perfect, I still feel that there is something missing, I know what it is and I will continue to try to improve myself, for the sake of the loved ones.
To Yati and hubby, "Selamat Pengantin Baru", semoga sebuah masjid indah yang baru dibina ini akan kekal utuh, tak tergugat dek Tsunami, atau ribut taufan sekalipun, sekali sekala mungkin ianya akan bergegar, namun sekiranya tiang yang dibina diperbuat dari asas yang paling kukuh insyaAllah gempabumi Hurricane sekalipun tidak akan bisa menumbangkannya......
bersasteralah pulak di petang2 hari ni, ni mesti kes baru sudah makan cucuq jagung, sambil duk pikir deco for my cupcakes and MCB.....
thank you once again for trusting me with your engagement cakes before and now , your wedding cakes.

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