Friday, December 3, 2010

Another beautiful Friday---Basic Cupcake Deco Class

Two university graduates , from different Uni but from the same kampung, Pendang, first met during their induction and now becomes friend and share the same passion and that's what brought them here.

Flling in the cups time:

They came at 10 am, and after a few minutes of breaking the ice, we made our way into my little Cekmekzue kitchen. I had everything ready for them, an apron each, a piece of paper and a pencil to write or jot something down, I did say, to come lenggang kangkung, no need to worry about anything, all were provided for, just bring with them their enthusiasm, their open heart and mind, their smile, to share this little knowledge of mine and most importantly, to have a good time!

After measuring and mixing the ingredients , all done by both of them, well...almost...i just showed them a thing or two, everything was hands it's time to pour the mixture into individual cup before baking.

into the oven they went....( not them, the vanila cupcakes.....of course.......)

Fondant time:

while waiting for the cupcakes which were still in the oven, we started on the mushroom , hats and handbags. This actually was a Basic Cupcake deco for beginners using mainly buttercream but I introduced a bit of fondant in this module, to make it more interesting

khusuknya Fariza, Linda tu duk gentel apa tu....

Eating time:

just before two pm, we break for lunch and solat, these dishes, the chicken and daging dishes were prepared in the morning and I fried the ikan masin right before lunch, no veggie dish because there's already some kacang in the 'daging masak halia( substitute asparagus with kacang, the original recipe asked for asparagus) My son requested me to make this dish ( I marinated the meat the previous night ).

Buttercreaming and piping time:

susahnya buat ni, nampak senang worries, that's why this class is called basic cupcake deco for beginners, and practise makes perfect insyaallah.

Grass making time:

time to do the 'grass'. Linda , always asking questions, and I tried to answer to the best of my knowledge.

Fariza, completely opposite, mostly quiet throughout the session, really concentrated on what she' s doing and she's doing it ever so gently and I said to her....adus.....manjanya. bila tengok dia tekan piping bag tu,

one for the album


photo taking

couldn't wait to go back now that they had completed their mission.
Eight hours of sweet 'torture' ( buat sampai dapat ), they went back only after they had completed all twelve cupcakes with two extra. I did say until 3 pm but I gave extra time ( macam main bola pulak siap ada injury time), so that they could complete everything.

Fariza's beautiful creations

Linda's equally beautiful and creative, both in their own way and style

They thanked me for sharing my time and knowledge with them and I thanked them for trusting me and for their willingness to come over and spend their precious Friday in my little cekmekzue kitchen. a wonderful end to yet another Friday of knowledge sharing.

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