Monday, December 20, 2010

Let's play doll...dress up the doll

This is the size mummy's Barbie doll.....Batrisyia......

that is Batrisyia's doll...Barbie doll

no cake photos just yet. selingan with these photos.

We just got back from KL, attending my brother's akad nikah and reception, still tired from driving but not too tired to play and have fun. Arrived around eight pm, the house was still in a mess with piles and piles of dirty clothes, bags , paper bags, plastic bags, mineral bottles, books, magazines were all over the place, but all we wanted to do was dress her up . She just got her new Barbie doll and we thought, instead of her dressing up her doll, why don't we dress her up instead with her new clothes.

first pose , casual and simple long sleeve T-shirt with a pair of blue Levi's and her maroon pumps.

wait, our fashion co-ordinator is doing her job. Mama and Abah were behind the scene. We were the directors...hehe......

sweet and feminine look, knee length short sleeve cream coloured dress with a slightly darker shade of cream cardigan on top

followed byanother casual but sweet look, a sleeveless soft pink top ith ribbons tied over her shoulder, matched with a pair of blue jeans

Why don't you stand over here...that's our photographer saying

Is this okay?

next, the same ink topbut this time with a pair of pink jeans and pink cap and the cardigan

candid photo

errr.....macam ni okay tak?
with the cardigan tied around the waist. Abahnyer kata , macam mamanyer zaman mude2 dulu, bila that time of the month, need to cover with the cardigan......if you know what I mean, tak tahu pun takpe...hehe.....

macam dah tak larat dah ni....

love this pose,

Tired we might be, from the trip and the drive but coming back home, home sweet home is really blissful, our bed, our shower, but something is still missing...Lily... we had not picked her up from her 'baby or catsitter' yet.

A few days away from baking, to attend to family matters, the akad and reception went well, my brother's kenduri kesyukuran in Kelantan , the next couple of days. two more days and PMR result would be out. nine more days and school with start its new term for 2011 and Batrisyia will start her first year ( kalau dulu Standard One or Darjah Satu )in her school.


  1. Hi Zue, she's simply adorable. Looking at her I know what her mom looks like.
    Here's wishing you and family the very best of Seasons greetings. Happy holidays, Lee.

  2. Hello Lee! just got back from Kelantan, my brother's wedding., the last wedding for my siblings, the next one would be the nephews and nieces pulak.
    Thank you for dropping by. So you think I am adorable too lah....hehe....
    now, back to reality, year end, new year 2011, new school term, new resolution and continuing the old ones. Wishing you happiness always Lee, is it too early to wish you Happy New Year 2011. You take care..