Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bugs everywhere.......

I want ladybugs/ladybirds, lot and lots of them, and colour pink and green, he likes to see me in pink and his mum loves green, so combine the two colours

"Dear, finally.......after ten years......we've decided to tie the knot, not the 'I do' knot but the 'Will You Marry Me' proposal knot first. but, hey, that's a start. For every journey, we always begin with a single step. we took that first step ten yars ago when we first started dating. wow! Ten years! If we had gotten married then, we would have , perhaps five kids by now.......:-)"

without actually knowing that they had been dating for ten years, I made ten small ladybugs for her, eight on the cupcakes and two crawling on the side of the big cake ( excluding the two big lovebugs) What a coincidence.

I found out about her love story from her sister, Syuhada, mind you, this is 'Sy' sisters, Syatila, Syuhada and syanini? ( just kidding, her youngest sister is called 'nini'......

Syuhada, syatila and Nini.......hehe......mandai2 je.......the 'Sy' sisters.....not Sister Sledge, not Pointer sisters

looks like a butterfly? yes? No? Maybe?

Sayang sayang.....
yes dear.....
nanti kita nak honeymoon di mana?
baru bertunang dah tanya nak honeymoon kat mana?
yelah kita kena rancang masa depan kita, sepuluh tahun you.....
kalau sepuluh tahun boleh tunggu, pejam celik pejam celik sampailah setahun , lepas tu boleh lah kita pergi honeymoon ke Fantasia Bulan Madu ke,
kita naik belon......

"isy! tinggi pulak kek ni, susahnya nak panjat naik ni......"

" tak sampai lagi ke si kenit dua ekor tu?,,,,,,,,

ladybugs crawling everywhere.....

Kamek balik naik belon, kamek nak bertunang esok.....:-)

Thank you Tila for trusting me with your engagement cake and mini ladybugs cakes, for both sides. Ten years, that's quite a long time, but as they said,
Kesabaran itu pahit, tetapi buahnya manis,
semanis darah orang yang sedang bertunang,

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